How to create the perfect shaker kitchen

Shaker Kitchens available at Designer Kitchens

The shaker kitchen is an iconic style that remains a popular option today.

Though traditional in their form, the versatility of shaker style kitchens makes them perfect for period properties and new builds alike. And the clean lines and minimalism of this style suit most interior designs.

Allow the team at Designer Kitchens to share some simple yet effective ideas for creating a modern shaker kitchen in your home.

Shaker style kitchen ideas

Add a kitchen island

A contrasting kitchen island is a popular design feature in shaker kitchens.

They come in various shapes and sizes and can be tailored to suit your needs and space perfectly. For example, your kitchen island could serve as somewhere to cook for your family, work remotely, or socialise with friends.

Islands offer plenty of additional storage space, allowing you to house everything from a wine fridge and drawers to appliances. This not only helps you to organise your kitchen essentials but also to reduce surface clutter and create a sleek look.


Choose a colour scheme

Ideally, you want to tie the floors, walls, cabinetry and worktops together nicely. This explains why most people opt to paint their shaker kitchen units using neutral and earthy tones, such as white, pale grey or soft green.

Bolder colours also work well – particularly deep blues – but they may limit your worktop and floor choices.

To create more depth and interest, consider painting your kitchen island a darker colour than your walls and shaker cabinets.

For a more refined look, use two shades of the same colour or to make a bolder statement, paint your island an entirely different colour from your walls and cabinetry.


Create contrast with handles

Although shaker style cabinets are simplistic and have no decorations, inlays or carvings, your choice of handles can have a huge impact on the overall look of your kitchen.

For instance, cup handles are commonly used on drawers to complement traditional design schemes. Those made from polished chrome will give your kitchen an authentic look, whereas aged brass, bronze or copper handles offer a more vintage feel.

Bar pulls and knobs are perfect for creating a modern shaker kitchen – matching the clean lines synonymous with the shaker design. These are typically made from chrome or stainless steel and make it easier for you to access the essentials in your kitchen drawers and cupboards.


Opt for integrated appliances

The shaker kitchen design incorporates innovative storage solutions to add to its sleek and streamlined look. However, large appliances can often spoil the aesthetic.

Having them integrated into the design of your bespoke shaker kitchen will essentially maximise the functionality of your room – providing enough space for you to cook, entertain guests and for the kids to do their homework.

You could conceal your fridge, dishwasher and washing machine behind cabinet doors, and slot your oven and hob between shaker kitchen units. Integrating a wine fridge into your kitchen island is a great idea, too.


Consider using wood

Shaker style kitchens are understated and provide a modern twist on a timeless classic. With that in mind, matt finishes are usually preferred over glossy finishes for their muted and softer effect.

Wooden flooring and worktops can also complement this aesthetic.

Their naturally soft tones and simple grains can add subtle style to your space. For kitchens with a darker colour scheme, choose mahogany or walnut. Oak and maple usually work best with lighter-coloured kitchens.


Create your bespoke shaker kitchen today

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