How To Effectively Plan Your Kitchen Storage

A real kitchen is not just a place to prepare food since it is also a place where you store it. Not to mention, the kitchen is the only room where families get together and feel relaxed as they enjoy dining and chatting comfortably. The ergonomic design of your kitchen is important when it comes to easy access to your storage.

Study every part of your kitchen and check out what you want to keep and what not. If you are already in doubt, just throw it out. Does your kitchen have a good flow like is your dishwashernear where your dishes are kept? What about your spices? Are they accessible when you need more pepper for your dish? If you plan to have a well-organised a kitchen, make sure these small things will be your priority.

Manage your space

Open plan kitchens are a growing trend in many homes.  Your kitchen is open from your living room so you are seen where you prepare and cook your food. Organizing your kitchen necessities is very important knowing that everyone can see your kitchen. Making it appear clutter free will depend primarily on your storage area.

Right zone

No matter how big or small your kitchen area, you still use each area for different uses for hygienic purposes. We use our kitchen to prepare and cook our food. We have our family meals there, and work and relax there as well. Soon, you’ll be looking at your kitchen as a storage area, where it is not only a place to keep your food, but also work items and even the children’s school items can be found.

If you do it right, you will be able to position yourself in the kitchen along with the rest of the family and serving them food with no problem at all. Your storage space should not just be accommodating but also show creativity, accessibility and capacity.


You do not have to place all tea or coffee canister and even sun-dried foods on your worktop. Pantry these days is the best place to keep them.

While most small appliances are often left on the kitchen worktop, be creative and have double door larder cupboards that can serve as compartments. You can even store your toaster or coffee machine there, as well when not in use. You can use your kitchen worktop when you utilize it for your baking hobby, your pastry can roll on your granite worktop perfectly.

Pull out and larder

More people are preferring to prepare food for their guests while they entertain them at home and with that, kitchen larders are coming back. This allows kitchens to be more accessible and the organization of the storage area is more efficient. Shelves have anti-slip detail, doors are closed easily, and even drawers do not need to be pulled with great strength.

Pull out larders are so easy to pull out. A single space can store more because they are designed to its full capacity. Slimline pull outs have much space to provide. If you prefer tandem larders, they are available in a variety of heights and width that can match any kitchen layout. You can hide things and still find them when you need them.

Cupboards by the corner

If you check out the base and wall units available, there is no reason to lose kitchen space. Corners can fit curved cabinets and even worktops especially if you have island units to work with.

We have seen the wonder of magic corners that can rotate 360 degrees like a carousel so pots and pans can easily be accessed when it swivels. You can easily store your small appliances, use them and place them back. You will always have room on your worktop to prepare your food or just make good use of the surface knowing that you can easily access anything you need.

Fittings for your drawers

Drawers do not have the same height because pots and pans are of different sizes, too.  What you need to store may either be too bulky or too small. You can place dividers using pegs adjusting them depending on the size of the pans. Crockery can stay in place with plate holders. Wooden bread bins and spice racks can be personalized because of bespoke designs.

Value your surface

There are many ways to make your worktop level work for you. Small appliances can be hidden in small shelving unit with tambour roller shutters. You can hang utensils in rails paired with backsplash. Placing spice cabinets beside a chimney will look great in any traditional kitchen.

Re-use and recycle

Colour code your trash bins. Placing colour coded lids can make your life easier. You can even re-use some canister to make pull out plastic for your bins. It’s never too late to be eco-friendly.

Best is in store

No matter what the dilemma for your storage is, there will always be a solution for it. Having additional sockets to plug in your appliances is not really a problem. You can have a pop-up socket right on top of your worktop. Your kitchen will surely look high tech and no one will be the wiser.

Your spice rack can be placed inside the cabinet without having to occupy any space inside. Just place a magnet on the door and simply attach them. You can hide just about anything in a storage space you choose to have in your kitchen just be creative.

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