How To Incorporate Metallics In Your Kitchen

Close up of a glossy kitchen counter - Designer Kitchens

The trend for metallic kitchen designs seems to have become quite popular these past years. It may be because of the elegance and striking contrast it exudes in the room, or simply because the kitchen area offers the most space for welcoming copper, gold, and brass elements.

Explore these design tips and be inspired to put your own flavour and character, to achieve your very own metallic kitchen design!


Upgrade the old
Incorporating metallic elements to your kitchen is not as hard as it sounds. Simply place some copper-coloured dining chairs, or even bar stools, to instantly glam up the room. To do this, simply refurbish industrial-styled chairs with metallic spray paint. You can always see these gems in flee markets. Aside from the beauty they exhibit, old furniture also tells a story so that’s a topic you can share when entertaining guests.


Light up the room
Picking out the perfect lighting is also another way of introducing a metallic piece in your kitchen. Decide if you want to go for a single statement design or a group of three or more dangling lights to shine the room. Contrasting different textures often works as well. For instance, combine copper-coloured pendant lights along with light-toned wood bar stools, while being surrounded with greeneries. Now that’s a refreshing look.


Go big or go home
If you want your kitchen to effortlessly stand out from the crowd, then reflective, metallic cupboards are the best way to go. These units are covered in highly polished brass sheet, though some manufacturers offer gloss glass metallic finishes and even gloss lacquer that offers almost the same effect as this one.


The perfect contrast
For a Mediterranean approach, opt for a bronze or copper metal sink together with a curvy tap, against a beautiful white marble worktop and splashback. Copper is the ideal metal to choose for those who values the progressing nature of natural materials. Celebrating contrast is always a good way to go.


Take on the details
Truth is, bulky pieces of metallic designs such as sinks, cabinetry, and other appliances, may be a little extravagant and impractical for some people. Opting for a subdued touch of the metals can still upgrade a plain kitchen into an invigorating one, without going overboard. Start with the little details, like the handles, cutlery, pans, taps, and any other practical kitchen accessories.


Sophistication at its best
When you want to stick with a single metallic feature, a bronze reflective tile can absolutely take any simple kitchen interior into a whole new level of quality and elegance. Metallic ceramic tiles and even mirror tiles are also decent options to go for. Just remember to pick out the one thing that screams shows your personality or design idea in mind.

Metallic design pieces has its way of exhibiting beauty and function at the same time. In your opinion, which design stood out the best?