How To Keep Your Kitchen Organized This New Year

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It is now the time to give your kitchen a New Year detox. De-clutter your space by utilizing these organizational ideas that can help you out not just for the start of the year, but every single day as well.

Here are some tips you might want to consider:


A place for everything
This kitchen is seriously neat and organized. It’s pretty obvious that the owners of this kitchen had precisely planned the design. If you have a space for every utensils, may it be in a pull-out cupboard or a drawer , then there would be no reason to leave so many things on the worktop, except for some decorative pieces. Handle-less cabinets also make this kitchen modern and clutter-free to the eyes.


Investigate the contents of your fridge
Let’s be honest, do you know every single thing that’s inside your freezer and fridge? How long it’s been there? No? Then now is the perfect time to take out every content and decide if they’re still edible or not. Also, it is important to check what’s already in before placing some more, so the next time you go shopping you’ll know exactly what you need and be less likely to buy unnecessary things.


Clean up your surfaces
Do yourself a favour and remove everything from your worktop, give them a thorough clean and put them back again. After that, take a step back and enjoy the result. While cleaning each item, think carefully if it deserves to be placed on display or not. Ideally, you should only put back the items that you can use on a daily basis, or something that would boost the style of the space.


Share the love
Most of us have received a gift or two that we don’t really need or want. It’s either a seasonal item, some kind of food that you already have or maybe a drink that you’re not really fond of; whatever it may be, avoid leaving it unused and instead give it to someone who will appreciate it more than you would. Nothing is wrong with re-gifting anyway!


Let some of it go
How many mugs do you really need in one house? If you have more than enough to use, why not give some of it to charity shops? That way, you’ll also be a blessing to some people’s lives even in the smallest of ways. It’s super easy to collect crockery, but try to be objective as you look through your collections and let go of some items you don’t need.

Organize your way through 2017 with these practical ideas!