How To Make The Most Of Your Kitchen Island

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A person who spends a lot of time in the kitchen knows that you must have a good kitchen layout in order to promote creativity and productivity in your cooking.

Ideally, if the food you eat are mainly made by yourself, you should have a space that’s large enough to accommodate a kitchen island. Functional kitchen islands can definitely boost your counter space, storage space, as well as your entertaining space. There are numerous ways on how you can make the most of your kitchen island, in order for it to suit your family’s lifestyle.

Be inspired with these chic and functional kitchen island ideas:


Make room for more
Some people are lucky enough to obtain a home with a kitchen area that’s exceedingly large, but they just don’t know how to utilize all that space. The perfect solution? Put in a double wide island to make room for the counter space you could ever need. This is also ideal when you want to integrate a stove top without sacrificing the worktop area.


Place it underneath
Have you ever thought about all the bottles and cans that are taking up too much space in your fridge? Here’s a solution for that: install a mini fridge underneath your kitchen island that’s exclusively meant to store all the drinks your family loves. This idea also makes it easier for you to offer drinks when you have guests around.


Opt for a waterfall effect
When you want to incorporate a functional unit that could also serve as your home centrepiece? Opt for a kitchen island that looks as stunning as this one. Waterfall counters just creates such a seamless look in your kitchen. It brings in a luxurious vibe to the whole area, especially if it matches the rest of your worktops as well.


Install a concrete surface
Integrating concrete surfaces in the home is getting really popular these days. So if you’re still deciding how you’d want your kitchen island to look like, then consider the beauty that is concrete worktop. It can withstand all the wear and tear of daily cooking mishaps and will age with flying colours.


Combine both spaces
Maybe you’re wondering how to fit in both a dining room table and a kitchen island into your space. The solution for that is to simply get rid of the dining room table, and make your island a little bigger instead. You’ll discover that it makes every meal time a family bonding time.

Kitchen islands should be utilized to their fullest potential. Let these design ideas inspire you!