How to Maximize Your Kitchen Lighting

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Are you tired of having to prepare meals in a dim place? Do you wish your kitchen to become brighter?

The kitchen is one of the busiest areas of our home. This multipurpose room is expected to house everything from homework to social talks, unplanned dinner parties and of course the daily meals.

Experiment with these bright ideas if you wish to make some quick tweaks  to brighten up your space even more!

Remove a wall
Try switching a solid brick wall with glass to let the natural light enter the entire space. Let the transformed area be virtually transparent; allowing the sunshine to lighten up your kitchen, as it could help upon food prep.

Sufficient Lighting
When you’re having a difficulty in letting some natural light enter the room, make sure your kitchen space is fitted out with sufficient illumination. As for your task lighting, you’ll need the light that focuses exclusively on the food prep areas. Hanging a couple of pendant lights or a gorgeous chandelier is also a great way to illuminate the dining area.

Go for sleek white
Boost your kitchen lighting with a glossy white scheme. From units and furniture to flooring and wall tiling, the glossy surface of an all-white room will bounce the light around the area. Then, bring texture throughout the entire room by accessorizing with lanterns or some fresh greens, for instance.

Mirrors on the wall
Fixing a mirrored splashback is a very clever idea to make a tiny space look a lot bigger, as well as enhancing the light and creating some depth. It’s also a simple surface to maintain and keep clean, so you don’t have to worry about any permanent stains.

Fit some glass cabinet doors
If fitting a mirrored glass in your kitchen is not your thing, then a row of glass cabinets might be. Mounting glass-fronted cupboards allows the light to bounce around the area, while its gleaming surfaces give your kitchen a modern and stylish feel.

Use the skylight
Roof windows allows more light to enter the room than the vertical ones. If you’re lucky enough to have the chance to place one on your kitchen, always go for a solid yes because this can drench the whole area with lots of natural light. Do not forget to incorporate furniture and units that could work with this scheme to further enhance the mood.

Brighten up your kitchen space with these clever lighting techniques!