How to Sort Out a Seamless Pantry

Ensure that your preserves and dried goods are stored in style, even in a small kitchen!

Whether you have a small or large pantry, or are merely using an existing cupboard or drawer to stack dried goods and kitchen utensils, make sure it’s still exquisitely neat and well-organized.

There are several shapes, options, and sizes to think through when planning a pantry; deciding how to arrange it can be quite difficult. Here are some helpful tips you could apply on your own space!

Go transparent
An economical way to stock your food is to put them in clear containers. The sealed covers keep your goods fresh, and you can effortlessly see what’s inside. Do not forget to put label around each glass jars to identify their contents as well.

Bespoke Spaces
If you have a small kitchen space, plan what you want to stock and have a carpenter construct shelves to your request. Make narrower shelves for your spreads and teas, and taller ones for bigger and bulkier supplies.

Divide the drawers
Although you don’t have a storeroom, drawer organisers are a good way of ensuring supplies like spices and herbs are easily accessible when you’re cooking. They look chic as well, so no more chaotic drawers.

Folding doors
If you want to have a pantry in your kitchen but don’t have enough space for a walk-in one, then crafting a wall of folding doors is the perfect way to form a pantry-style storage that can be effortlessly concealed.

Utilize door space
Maximise space by setting up oil racks and spices onto the insides of cabinet doors. It sets an empty space into good use and it makes your goods easily noticeable and accessible.

Clever doors
By using the doors of your mini pantry as another storage space, it maximizes the storage for smaller jars. The narrow shelves also offer clear display and easy access, which means no tiny jars get forgotten and hidden.

Pull to open
If you have a deep but not that wide storage space, building some pull-out cabinets would the perfect way to effortlessly see the whole thing. You can stock different-sized items and view from both sides as well. Plus, they look sleek and can easily blend to your modern style kitchen.

Rack them up
You can mount some racks to a bare wall for a cheap and practical way to store all your jars, tins, and spices. This is a perfect way to organize your pantry, as well as making all the items easily available.

Use wall length
If you have a tall and elevated walls, utilize all the vacant space by mounting cupboards and shelves all the way to the ceiling; you can use a library ladder to reach the top shelves.

Your storage should also have their proper places. Utilize these ideas to accurately organize your kitchen supplies.