How to Style Up the Ultimate Country Kitchen

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The sleek and contemporary kitchen designs might look stunning in photos and brochures, but if you yearn for something a little flexible to the chaos of everyday life then you will love the country-style.

The relaxed vibe of wooden worktops and painted cupboards exudes an appealing charm and warmth. Get the rustic look and blend it well with your 21st century home with these country-style kitchen must-haves!

Ceramic sink
A trademark ingredient for every country-style kitchen is a huge, stunning ceramic sink. This strong and practical unit is perfect for washing pans and trays, as well as your other kitchen wares.

Panel boards
Tongue-and-groove boards have a certain effortless beauty. Whatever its appeal may be, these paneling is most attractive when mixed in a classic country kitchen.

Invest in an island
A great island unit is usually the star player in every country-style kitchen. Pack it with kitchen supplies that are set to create a masterpiece as well for easy access and added display.

Roughen it up
Look for aged oak tables and a mix-and-match display of seating, as well as vintage floorboards, old sinks and taps, and salvaged stone tiles for a look that has the utmost character of a country space.

An effortless Shaker-style kitchen is an eyeful and should stand the test of time. A sophisticated style is the perfect country kitchen, particularly when painted with vintage hues. A handcrafted version of a Shaker-style kitchen presents a tough construction.

Flaunt it
No country kitchen hides everything behind closed doors; cupboards with open shelving is usually the perfect style.

Country kitchen loves to display and flaunt its wares, be it stacks of pure white crockery, rows of pans, or vases filled with flowers.

If you love the relaxed and laid-back character of a Country-style kitchen, test these ideas out to get the look!