How To Stylishly Organize your Dresser

Whether you’ve opted for a traditional kitchen, shaker kitchen or contemporary kitchen, the dresser is one of the largest furniture you can find in the dining area, so it can greatly influence the overall look and style of your space.

Beyond style, there are also several considerations you might want to think about before organizing your kitchen dresser. Do you want to display your best china set, or would you rather fill it with some daily practical items?

Whichever you decide, these easy tips should help you get things sorted in style.

Place your everyday necessities
If you’re not into some fancy and decorative china, then consider placing your daily kitchen items in the dresser.

Platters, mugs, dishes, and even a few pitchers stored in the dining room make setting the table an effortless task. The items may not be extravagant, but when arranged elegantly, they can still look just as good as the fancy stuff.

Insert some special items
Flower-filled vases, unscented candles, and ornamental plates are the perfect elements for an open dresser.

Placing some candles, as well as foliage and flowers can surely bring life to any space. It could also look stunningly when placed at the dinner table as a gorgeous centerpiece.

Use it for the elegant china set
The most common use of a dresser is to place the best dishes on display.

Glass-fronted cabinets allow the lovely pieces to be exhibited without collecting dust. If you have way too much china set, don’t try to fit every single piece inside the dresser; position the items stylishly until it’s comfortably full and store the rest in the cabinets.

Cleverly organize
Bulky pieces like serving platters can be attractively rested against the back wall of the dresser, just behind some stacks of plates.

If you’re worried that the platters’ may tip over, you can always use plate stands to keep them stable and firm. Lean the platter first before placing the stacks of bowls, plates, and cups in front to conserve more space.

Hang teacups with hooks
You can skillfully save a lot of space by fitting a row of simple hooks underneath a shelf. Assemble everything else in the cupboard first, before determining where you want the cups to be placed. The end result would be one great display of your creativity and skills.

Colour contrast
When the majority of your dishes and kitchen pieces are sleek white, consider painting your dresser in a bold, contrasting colour.

A dark-toned dresser can surely make your white dishes pop, and gleam with such elegance. Work the other areas of your kitchen in the same palette as well, for a more organized and uniformed look.

Organizing the dresser could definitely change the whole aura of your kitchen space!