How To Transform An Open-plan Kitchen

Open plan kitchen design - Designer Kitchens

With more and more home owners wanting to have an open-plan living to their homes, the kitchen have increasingly become more vital to the look of the entire house.

It is no longer a separate space; now, kitchens are also becoming centrepieces, just as well as an area to eat and dine with family and friends. So the question is, how can you boost your kitchen’s potential and improve its stylish appeal?

Be inspired with these designing tips on how to transform your open-plan space!


It’s the little details
An open-plan space with an all-white theme will turn out to be extra special when combined with stunning patterns and a hint rich colours. The beautiful contrast of the splashback against earth tones exhibits a modern and luxurious vibe, whilst being a functional area.

Reach for the heights
For a contemporary look, modify your storage space by installing ceiling-high shelves or towering wall cabinets. These full-length cabinets provides additional sleekness and offer a place for numerous equipment and utensils that you want to be concealed. Opting to go handle-less also adds a charm.


Go for colours
If simple monochrome design isn’t really your thing, then why not incorporate some vibrant-coloured accessories to the space. Decide a certain palette of three or four colours and place them within the room. Here, the home owners incorporated colourful seating and some stainless steel stools, to amp up the colour scheme of the otherwise muted room.


Statement light
Make your task lighting an integral part of the room by mounting unique pendant lights. This particular design perfectly merges practicality with visual aesthetic because of its boldness. It’s massive without overwhelming the area; just the right amount of style and function.


Dare to be bold
Why not go all out with a strong vibrant colour that’s quite unexpected in an open-plan kitchen. Pick out a rich, dramatic wall paint against dark coloured units to set the look of the entire space. You could also mount a fireplace (like what the home owners of this kitchen did) to boost the style and promote warmth to the room. Fireplaces are now packed with limitless designs and colours to match your ideal colour scheme.

It’s no wonder why open-plan kitchens are getting popular to most people. It exudes modern and practical living while maximizing the full potential of your space!