Huge Ideas for Tiny Kitchens

Kitchen design for a smaller kitchen space - Designer Kitchens

Got a small kitchen? That does not imply to go short on style, design and storage! Here are ways to make the best out of your small space!

Even the smallest of kitchens need to go big when it comes to function and design. No matter how uncomfortably shaped or condensed your space is, there are ample of design tricks you could use to maximize its potential!

Be motivated by these ideas to create wonders out of a tiny room.

Use open storage as display
Consider putting up an island unit with built-in open shelves if your kitchen is in the corner of a bigger space. This will operate both as a display and storage unit.

Use vibrantly-coloured cutlery, coock books, or maybe even some kitchen appliances and accessories to transform a plain kitchenware into a stylish display.

Store high
A smart way to add extra storage into a tiny kitchen is to mount cabinets high up the walls and make the most of any wide ceiling height that may be present in your home, maybe even build one above a fixed kitchen bench.

To give it a modern kitchen vibe, remove the need for a door handle by fitting the cupboards with push catches, creating a sleek designer finish that also creates the feeling of wider space.

Go for a bespoke pantry cupboard
A well planned and designed storage space is much more efficient, so think about going bespoke to maximize space. It can be used to store almost anything; from food supplies to kitchen equipment and even your china wares.

An all-in-one cupboard can do well for storage and it also keeps your kitchen neat and organized. Look for hanging shelves designed particularly to fit the cupboard doors, and mount shelf storage baskets as well to really make the most of all the space.

Go for industrial-style
Practical styling is perfect for a condensed kitchen, as its tough aesthetic screams serious business in spite of having a compressed space. Go for industrial factory lighting, Matt tiles, and Shaker-style elements that merge utility with beauty so naturally.

Emphasize some colour
Burst of vibrant colours are best choice for adding a sensational character to a tiny space. It might be small, but it can still have some charisma.

Neon shades will truly stand out against a pure white backdrop, so choose neons to highlight any design features that could add style on your space.

Maximize different colours, elements, and units to create eye-catching combinations of design into your kitchen space.