Ideas for Open Storage Kitchen

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Having open shelving and storage produces a casual and relaxed feel in the kitchen, however, it doesn’t work for everyone.

You need to consider where to precisely position the shelves, what to store onto them and how they will look.

Consider low-level shelves
Open storage beneath the worktop can be very useful, as well. It can bring extra colour and character into any scheme.

Low-level storage works well for cookbooks, magazines, and some other kitchen accessories. However, these areas could be rather tempting for some curious toddlers.

Create a balance
Open storage can look perfect when it’s symmetrically organized. It can be centred over the sink with practical appliances and units on either side, or fixed along one wall with added units or shelving on the opposite side to create a balance.

Hang it above
Overhead pan holders can also be convenient, especially if you want your space to look like a professional chef’s kitchen.

These should preferably hang directly over an island unit or a stove. They won’t probably look right if suspended in midair with nothing between the floor and the rack.

Get the hang of it
Shelves are not the only choice for open storage. Hooks that could grasp mugs and saucepans can look very stunning, as well, and they make everything accessible.

Just remember to display things that are pleasant to look at. You might want to avoid hooking up chipped mugs, or a mismatch set of shabby saucepans. A sleek set of pans, however, can look very lovely in just about any kitchen scheme.

Display your crockery
It’s a real shame to conceal any collection of gorgeous tableware.

Your crockery collection would look perfect when organized on a shelf. It creates a relaxed and homely feel to your kitchen and it comes very handy as well.

Utilize the awkward nooks
When planning and designing for a kitchen, you often notice that you’re left with some odd spaces that’s really difficult to fill.

However, these little nooks are perfect for stacking bottles of wine! Make use of that awkward space to mount a rack, and assign individual spaces for each bottle.

Display shelving can work really well in any kitchen setting, may it be traditional or contemporary, as long as it is well-planned.