How To Improve The Look Of Your Kitchen Galley

Kitchen design for a smaller kitchen space - Designer Kitchens

Galley kitchens were named after the small kitchens found on most ships. Basically, it’s a hallway lined with appliances, cabinets, and all essential utensils needed for cooking. Most kitchen galleys can come off as dark, tiny places on which people may feel confined and claustrophobic.

However, the design ideas for kitchen galleys have come a long way. There are now numerous ways on how you can bring personality and life into such a small kitchen. Check out these ways on how to improve and modernize the look and feel of your kitchen galley:


The Tiny Booth
One unfortunate challenge when you have a kitchen galley is the high chance of bumping into someone, especially when you have more than one cook in the kitchen. The solution to that problem is replacing some cabinets with a convenient booth, so other people can easily keep you company without getting in your way while you prepare the food. It’s a win-win solution, right?


Utilize The Open-shelves
Yes, open shelves are still trendy and will never go out of style. In a modern kitchen galley setting, opting for open shelves instead of the usual set of cabinets ensures that you have enough storage space in the room without overcrowding the area. Also, it will make the room seem bigger and well-ventilated without that thick wall of boxes, and you’ll then have all that space for styling and decorating.


The Pretty Lights
While big windows in modern kitchen areas are always a desired feature, sometimes you have to settle with artificial yet efficient lighting. After all, you should never make do with a dark galley kitchen. Mount some pretty pendant lights or chandeliers that will help brighten up the whole space. It’s good for task lighting and design statement!


Eclectic Design Combination
All modern kitchens should have a stove and a fridge– even the kitchen galleys. Plus, you’ll probably want to add in a microwave and a toaster to amp up its function. Instead of going for the usual design, purchase the ones that has a unique style and colour scheme. This can definitely boost the décor of the whole area without taking up any more space than necessary.


Combine Different Textures
In this posh kitchen galley, diverse textures and materials were used, yet all of them seem to complement each other very well. Matt cabinets paired with raw wood and high-tech appliances never looked so good!

Be inspired with these modern kitchen galley ideas for your next kitchen revamp!