Indian Slate Kitchen Doors

Whilst Indian slate has for a long time been a popular choice for floor and wall tiles and paving, we are now seeing its increasing usage in interior doors, particularly those in the kitchen. It is a beautiful and intricate looking natural material, available in a range of exuberant colour combinations. Indian slate is extremely durable, with it being an exceedingly strong stone with excellent resistant qualities.

It is a naturally occurring fine-grained metamorphic rock that, when cut and made smooth, is a perfect constructional component, especially as a material for your kitchen door. Slate provides a resistance to extreme weather conditions, meaning that it makes a great barrier from outside weather conditions. Slate also has minimal moisture retaining ability and a very low absorption rate, therefore it would resist from mould and dampening. One other interesting feature of the rock is that it has anti-bacterial qualities, making it a great material for your kitchen door.