Jazz up Your Kitchen with Mix and Match Trend

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Let your imagination flow with endless possibilities of designs, materials, colours, and contemporary pieces that will make your kitchen the star of the house.

Latest design rules are becoming more bold and adventurous by integrating trendy materials, mixing hues, and adding artwork pieces to the kitchen space. This development works in every style of kitchen as well, so there are no strict rules. Be open to design progression and have fun with matching several colours and materials on your space.

Progress from monochrome
Kitchens with Monochrome design will constantly be in style. But by mixing the light and dark themed furniture pieces with softer, modern colours will surely illuminate the room. Darker toned units put together a traditional look that naturally molds into the architecture.

Paint them on
The ideal blank canvas for the mix and match trend, aside from a classic all white, would be a handcrafted wooden kitchen. Commission your designer or manufacturer to coat certain sections of the room in a contrasting colour, to shine and stand out against a bare timber.

In addition, the real exquisiteness is if you wear out the colour as the years pass by, simply opt for another shade of color and paint it on.

Combine assorted pieces
A great, clever way to bind the mix and match trend would be to surround the walls with matt grey cupboards, while the island unit is composed of reclaimed wooden planks which would in turn amplify an earthy feature. Accents of tan could also infuse a modish warm colour and boost a trendy rustic vibe design.

Vertical Partition
Dividing materials vertically by setting up pieces on wall cupboards with one colour and a different shade on base units will surely create a stylish look. The contrast of glossy, bare white units on one half of the room, mixed with lovely wood doors on the other could present a smart visual connection.

Separate an all-white design
A solid all white element can sometimes seem to appear a little too clinical. Bringing in an accent of colour or material on the bottom half of a design, immediately adds intensity and characterization of the kitchen place.

Style in a subtle manner
A minimalist mix of matt glossy units and oak cabinets introduces a fine, classy contrast on an area yet still manages to add a vibrancy into the space. Keep the walls and flooring muted and on earth tones as well, to make it a pleasurable kitchen to work in.

Distinct Colour and finishing
The combination of textures; for example, gloss against matt is what makes a mix and match kitchen. A glossy, silver glass attached to adjacent rough-cut oak cupboards, produce an interesting look.

Brag the bold colours
Try to use bright and bold contrast hues to make the kitchen area really stick out from the crowd. Go for a palette of neutrals for the main unit pieces and then assemble a remarkable piece in a more extravagant hue, to transform crockery and vases into a display works of fine art.

So how about adding a little spice in your kitchen space by trying out these ideas? Have fun mix & matching!