Miele Ovens
With a sleek design across both their pure line and contour line ranges, Miele ovens offer some great features;

  • You can save settings such as function, temperature and cooking time for up to twenty dishes, so that repeated cooking is made easier.
  • MoisturePlus feature ensures baker fresh foods – light doughs with browned crusts
  • Crisp function offers a crisper finish for foods such as pizza or french fries
  • Pyrolytic self cleaning function
  • he Food probe can be inserted food which then controls the cooking according to desired temperature. This eliminates the need for supervision of the cooking process.

Many of the ovens in Miele’s range come in black, white, brown and steel allowing you a great range of choice to match your appliances to your kitchen colour scheme.

Miele steam ovens, compact ovens and microwave combination ovens are all in addition to the standard oven range and offer great features such as the Popcorn button on the H6400 BM Microwave Combination oven and the LED lighting in the DG6300 Steam Oven.

Miele Hobs
No matter what fuel supply you have, Miele have a hob for you. With timeless designs across their whole range, Miele hobs fit perfectly into any kitchen. They are manufactured with the minimum of joints, minimising the build up of grime and meaning that they are easy to keep clean. All Miele hobs offer cutting edge technology and a range of features designed to enhance your cooking experience. Miele hobs are designed and tested to last twenty years.

Miele Hoods
Miele have a very large range of cooker hoods available on the market and there is a design to suit all styles of kitchen. Miele cooker hoods are available in a variety of widths for integrated, wall mounted and island hoods. You can see our selection of Miele cooker hoods at our showroom in Potters Bar.

As with all Miele kitchen appliances, every model in their range of cooker hoods has undergone rigorous testing to ensure continued performance.

Have a look at Miele’s handy guide ‘Things to consider when buying a hood’ – http://www1.miele.de/ex/microsite/uk/da-planer/ratgeber/kochfeld_haube.html

Miele Refrigeration
Miele offer a great range of integrated and freestanding fridges, freezers and wine coolers to suit a variety of kitchens. As with the rest of their kitchen appliances, they are built and tested to last years.

Miele refrigerators offer some great features such as:

  • PerfectFresh zone – the temperature in this zone is at the optimum to keep foods fresher for longer
  • Active AirClean – this assists in absorbing unpleasant odours
  • DynamicCooling – ensures the temperature inside is maintained throughout each level
  • SoftClose – easy opening/closing doors

The Alarm feature on a Miele freezer is also a handy addition; this warns you that you have left the freezer door open, to prevent foods defrosting. Frost free technology eliminates the need for defrosting of your Miele freezer.

Miele wine coolers provide optimum conditions to store your wines. With their elegant design, they will fit seamlessly into your kitchen. The KWT 6321 UG model shown here is one of our favourites and is compact enough to sit perfectly under your worktop between kitchen units.

Miele Dishwashers
Integrated or freestanding, Miele dishwashers have a great selection of features to make your life easier:

  • Knock2open – Fits in great with handle-less kitchens. Tap twice on the door and it opens automatically
  • BrilliantLight – Practical light for easier loading and unloading
  • Extra quiet – Reduction of noise levels at your discretion. A special wash rhythm and rinse hold option prevent the dishwasher spinning when it could disturb you
  • Delay Start – a handy 24 hour delay start to fit in with you

Miele dishwashers are put through rigorous testing where they’re run for thousands of cycles at the highest temperatures which is the equivalent of one load a day for over 20 years. The doors and baskets are also tested with repeated opening/closing actions; 100,000 times to be exact.

Miele Laundry
Miele washing machines are known for their build quality. They are efficient in both water use and running costs. The largest drum you can expect to find in a Miele washing machine is 8kg, and the smallest is 5.5kg. Miele’s washing machines range from entry level models to advanced models. Their new W1 range features some of their latest technology, such as TwinDos – an automatic detergent and conditioner dispenser for the ultimate convenience. Miele washing machines also feature a corrosion-resistant enamel finish which keeps the machine looking brand new for decades and a cleverly designed waterproof system that protects against flooding.

Miele dryers are available to complement their washing machine range, in both freestanding and integrated models. With functions such as PerfectDry – a sensor controlled drying programme, and FragranceDos – the option to add a fragrant capsule to your machine, Miele are leading the way in technology and performance.