Siemens offer four different levels of kitchen appliances, each with varying features and functionality levels:

iQ700 – Top of their range, the iQ700 models offer fantastic style and design with state of the art technology
iQ500 – Mid to top range with great features and smart designs
iQ300 – This range is very competitive whilst still providing many functions and features available on the higher spec appliances.
iQ100 – Their entry level range, which offers great value for money together with their Siemens expertise and style.

You can co-ordinate between each range, and mix and match ranges to meet your specific needs.

Siemens Ovens

There is a wide variety of choices within the Siemens oven range. Siemens single ovens, double ovens, microwaves and steam ovens are all created with both functionality and design in equal amounts. Stylish design and intelligent innovation across the ranges in order to meet the demands of today’s busy lifestyles means that no matter what you’re cooking there is a range of functions and features to help you.

Packed with functions such as 3D hot air cooking, hot air eco, self cleaning, keep warm setting and cook control, cooking really has never been easier. And with the iQ700 range (shown here) Siemens have made it even easier with extras such as high resolution display and touch sensitive controls.

Siemens oven HB78GB590B

Siemens steam ovens and microwaves are a further great addition to a new kitchen. Siemens steam ovens retain the flavour and nutrients of foods for a healthier more nutritious cooking experience. Some models offer combination functions, perfect for steaming, roasting or baking.

Siemens Hobs

A Siemens Hob is a great choice for your new kitchen, or a great addition to your existing kitchen. Following through with the different iQ levels, Siemens hobs are available in a variety of heat sources, sizes and prices to suit each individual customer.

  • Siemens gas cooktops
    With precise heat control, come with easy to clean, heat resistant glass ceramic surfaces. Their burner design is very flat compared to standard burners. Models with specific wok burners are also available.
  • Siemens ceramic hobs
    Simple and sleek, easy to clean with touch cooking controls
  • Siemens induction hobs
    Offer induction technology for safer, faster and more efficient cooking. Boasting power boost function for faster heating times and touch controls across each cooking zone, cooking has never been easier.
  • Siemens flexInduction
    Innovatively designed for greater flexibility, with induction technology across flexible cooking zones meaning you can place your cook ware anywhere on the zone.

Siemens flexInduction cooktop EH601MV17E from the iQ700 range

Siemens Dishwashers

Full size, integrated and semi integrated, Siemens dishwashers are all A+ energy rated as a minimum, designed beautifully and built for optimum performance.

Siemens iQ 100 dishwashers are packed with practical features such as push button controls, LED display, 5 programmes, and can hold 12 place settings.

Siemens iQ 300 dishwashers are aesthetically pleasing with a great range of features. They have 6 programmes and can hold 13 place settings.

Siemens iQ500 dishwashers combine top class features and technology. They offer 6 programmes and can hold 14 place settings.

Siemens iQ700 dishwashers are the most energy efficient of them all and incorporate great technology. They feature all the available programmes and can hold 14 place settings.

Features such as varioSpeed, dosageAssist and varioDrawer all offer increased flexibility and efficiency. The iQ700’s Shine and Dry feature uses Zeolith® drying technology to ensure sparkling glassware, crockery and cutlery.

Siemens Refrigeration

Stylish designs and innovative technology make Siemens refrigerators a great choice for your kitchen. Siemens offer a wide range from American-style fridge freezers to wine storage solutions.

Their features include:

  • hydroFresh
    Keeps fruit and vegetables fresher for longer, and helps to preserve the nutrients in foods.
  • coolBox
    The Siemens coolBox is an additional fridge compartment with a maintained temperature of 1-4ºC.
  • flexShelf
    Consisting of two interconnecting shelves, you can pull the lower shelf down when you need it for extra space, or store it under the top shelf when you need a larger space beneath.
  • superCool
    This allows you to add food to the fridge without increasing the internal temperature, or affecting the food that is already stored in it.
  • multiAirflow system
    Siemens multiAirflow system ensures cool air is distributed evenly throughout each level of the fridge, meaning foods maintain freshness for longer.
  • airFresh filter
    Minimises odours from foods in the fridge

Siemens Laundry

Siemens washing machines and dryers are packed with innovative designs and technology to keep up with the rest of their appliance range.

Washing machine features vary between each iQ range and can include:

  • i-Dos – intelligent dosing system controls the amount of detergent needed
  • varioPerfect – gives you the option to choose an energy saving quicker wash
  • iQDrive – their fastest, quietest and most efficient motor to date
  • hydroSensor – monitors the amount of soap in the water to calculate the number of rinses necessary

The autoDry sensor on a Siemens dryer means clothes are dried to perfection every time. Their self cleaning condenser eliminates the need for ever cleaning the condenser. Digital displays are available on some models, showing how long is left in the cycle. All of these features add to the convenience of a Siemens dryer, making washing and drying quicker and easier than ever.