Kitchens With Contemporary Country Design

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Be inspired to create an inviting and cosy kitchen by utilizing the conventional farmhouse features and adding a few modern modifications.

If you want your kitchen space to be a welcoming area for friends and family to enjoy, then a country-style design is a definitely a great choice. Check out these gorgeous kitchens that feature rustic elements with elegant contemporary additions.


Integrate a farmhouse sink
The key element to any country kitchen scheme is a traditional farmhouse sink. A deep ceramic sink similar to this particular design is the best option for busy kitchens. Not only there’s enough space for soaking large bowls and other utensils, it also lets you multi-task in order to save time. Going for a double sink is useful too, as one can be used for dishes and the other for washing the ingredients.


Go for a farmhouse table
No country-style kitchen is ever complete without a statement table on which the household can gather around and dine. This spacey room is big enough to fit a rustic dining table. The off-white paint lightens up the solid wood, while the turned legs give it a traditional feel. It also makes a charming centrepiece feature in the middle of the room.


Show off the tableware
Re-create the look of a traditional Welsh dresser by opting for a glass-fronted wall units and a wooden plate rack. The displayed tableware is gleaming white, which boosts the streamlined, contemporary twist to this kitchen space.


Incorporate a striking colour
Give your rustic kitchen a bit of modern feel by painting the island with a bold and striking colour. Some home owners may think that the colour red is too much, but the trick here is to balance out every element in the room. Keeping the background neat and light really brightens up the space and brings an airy feel to the kitchen area.


Add a statement lighting piece
The perfect combination of stainless steels and farmhouse feel in this gorgeous kitchen space is definitely on point.

The modernly oversized pendant lighting also adds a contemporary twist to the space. It provides a lovely contrast to the plain white background as well! At the same time, the dark hues of the cabinets complement the display of white tableware, the sleek metal surfaces, as well as the neutral tones of the baskets and the wood flooring.

Embrace the beauty of rustic country style kitchen with a bit of a contemporary twist. Let these designs be your inspiration for your next revamp!