Make the Perfect Space for an Informal Dining

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The perfect centre-piece is a well-designed dining space in your home; a place where practicality and informality meet.

Family and close friends can socialize and enjoy a drink while you prepare for a meal. Furthermore, utensils, china, and glasses can all be placed conveniently at hand.

Let these exciting ideas show you just how stylish kitchen mealtimes can be!

Utilize every nook and space
Placing a dining space out of a kitchen usually involves using the most of what you already have. Free up some valuable space by expertly fitting banquettes around your sink area and wall, so the table can be pushed up against them when it’s not in use.

The window seats
Transform your window area into a cosy and colourful kitchen with vibrant atmosphere. Place some banquettes to provide informal seating, provide a neat round table for a practical touch that won’t take up too much space.

Introduce some glamour
Just because you want your kitchen to have an informal setting, it doesn’t mean that it has to be deprived of glamour.

Replace your regular bar stools with something more luxurious. An upholstered bench-style stools that can occupy two persons are perfect for a superbly chic look.

Fit some statement chairs
Dining areas can be super stylish with only just a few upgrades.

Fitting some unique and peculiar chairs that could still blend well with your kitchen scheme, can instantly uplift the mood of any kitchen styles; may it be minimal, modern, rustic, traditional, and even industrial.

Place it near
If you’re the kind of person who likes to talk to your guests while cooking, why not bring the dining table into the kitchen? It’s practical and more sociable than spending your time going back and forth another room. You can enjoy it more by placing an elegantly large table with ample seating.

Maximize a small space
You don’t really need a huge kitchen or a mounting island to have an stunning eating area.

Placing a bar-style dining space in your tiny kitchen that extends just a little way into the room can create a stylish and cozy area where you can enjoy a meal without messing up the area. Chairs and stools that can be tucked underneath the bench are perfect in order to keep the design modernized.

A farmhouse feel
There is something striking about having a farmhouse/shaker-style table. It can be used for every day family meals and even on more formal gatherings. It is also an ideal spot for children to do homework, while you prep the meal.

A bar with a great view
Depending on what shape and size your kitchen has, see if you could add a breakfast bar in front of a window. It can be a great use of what’s normally considered as a dead space, plus it provides a wonderful overlooking view to gaze at in between mouthfuls.

Let your kitchen be a place where everyone can sit back and enjoy a sumptuous meal with these stunning designs!