Make Your Kitchen A Child-Friendly Space

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Most people are likely to spend a sizable amount of time in the kitchen all throughout a lifetime. It’s the space where we get to interact with each family members and talk about our days, that’s probably why it’s considered the heart of a home.

That is exactly the reason why having a well-planned kitchen area, particularly one that can help you save time and effort, will be a definite blessing. Also, for those young couples starting out a family (or planning to), this one’s definitely a must-do for you.


Slip-proof your floors
Minor accidents often happen in the kitchen especially for those families with young children, that is why determining the right kind of flooring is really crucial. After all, you want the area to be safe for your kids to walk or run around. Consider installing hardwood boards, bamboo, refined concrete, or even vinyl or laminate tiles for those families on a budget.


Draw them near
In most households with school-age children, dinner time can be quite busy. More often than not, it’s the time when your kids ask for your help in doing their school work. To lessen the load, why not create a work zone near the food-prep area so your kids can do their business while you do yours. This multi-task area is the perfect solution for busy families!


Write it down
Pick a spot in your home where you can easily display a chalkboard with all the family’s activities and week’s schedules. Can you guess where that is? It’s either the kitchen or the dining area. The beauty of this design is that it allows each member to keep track of everybody’s to-do list. This project, no matter how small it may seem, can really play a vital role in keeping up with one another.


The kid’s area
This innovative design helps families connect and bond with their small kids while preparing for a meal. It makes it easier for the parents to share the area to their kids by giving them a tiny space, and adding ways for them to help with the chore. Also, it’s a great place to drop the shopping bags before organizing them.


Add a breakfast bar
In most homes, parents of school-aged children rarely have the chance to sit with their kids and have a decent breakfast. In these situation, breakfast bar is the perfect place to have a quick bite and sip a cup of coffee or tea with your loved ones.


Opt for deep drawers
When upgrading or designing your kitchen, don’t underestimate the importance and convenience of deep drawers. Drawers are perfect for storing everything you don’t want your child to see or grab a hold of for their safety. It’s also ideal for storing kids’ lunch boxes and other handy kitchen wares.

Remember, a child friendly kitchen is a happy kitchen! Make it a place where you and your family could hangout without the hassle.