Make Your Kitchen Table the Centre of Your Home

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Sitting around a table and eating as a family can create a certain bond that brings a household kept together.

Countless surveys propose that making time for family meals leads to improved relationships and lifestyles. Kitchen dining is typically a relaxed and comfortable affair, and quality time spent around the table allows for quite a bit of magic to happen.

Here’s how to make your kitchen table the centre point of your family life.

In the spotlight
Place your dining set at the middle of the kitchen whilst visible from the living area.

Fit a couple of stunning pendant lamps above it to provide a pleasant and welcoming glow, which could pull attention into the table itself. Most kitchen lightings are likely to be too bright and functional, so getting the appropriate table lighting can really help it stand out.

Use some benches
The refectory style seats can add a certain sociable and relaxed vibe to a table, and are perfect when you have a lot of people to seat with.

This kind of benches is also practical for you could neatly tuck them under the table when not in use to offer a clear passage throughout the entire space. During mealtimes, spread the table and the seating to accommodate guests and make a welcoming feeling.

Maximise the lights and shades
One of the attributes of a kitchen table is that, unlike a solid island, it is conveniently movable, so it is easier to change the layout of your room form time to time.

Positioning the table alongside a window or adjacent to some patio doors is an ideal option during the winter season. Moreover, moving the table away from the window during the glazing hot summer days can provide some cooler shade.

The little nook
Instead of using an entire wall to place additional base cabinets in order to create a galley design, make your space more welcoming instead by having a nook where people can sit and chat.

A little spot to take a break can be delightful in a demanding kitchen. Narrow cabinets and wall-hung shelving and can free up a lot of floor space if you don’t want to compromise on storage.

Tuck them aside
You don’t need to find much space to place a table in your kitchen. A drop-leaf design can offer ultimate flexibility and style as well. It can be placed against a wall with just a couple of seating for everyday use, or maybe brought into the centre when you have a larger crowd.

Make it a bistro vibe
If your idea of a perfect night out is a comfortable evening spent with close friends, some bottles of wine and simple food, why not redesign your space into a tempting bistro style?

Go for a cosy wooden table, forget about the tablecloth and some fancy china, dim the lights and enhance the vibe by bringing in some candles.

You don’t have to spend much in order to bring in some cosy, or even modern designs into your kitchen space; a tad bit of your own creativity and some of these awesome ideas is all you need.