Maximize the Storage in Your Kitchen Space

Black high gloss kitchen

From shelves to handy hooks, it’s effortless to make more storage in your rented kitchen with these clever designs!

There are ample of neat and smart ways to make extra storage without any major renovations. Freestanding units and creative thinking are just some of the many ways to make the most of your cooking space.

Divide and display
If you wish to divide your dining or living space from your kitchen, pick a shelving unit to separate both areas. It also adds as an extra storage at the same time. Accessorize it with some books or any other pieces you opt to display for added style.

Hook it up
Make the most of a narrow nook by fixing some hooks to hang pans and pots for easy access. Plus, it also shows off your valued collection of kitchen wares.

Fill in the gap
Make best use of any vacant under-counter space by placing a separate piece of furniture, such as a small shelving unit or a butcher’s block that will precisely fit under the worktop.

Create compartment
An unused wall in your traditional kitchen or even a hallway can become an instant compartment for storage of everyday materials, as well as an additional display space. Choose a simple and economical unit.

Lush greens
A storage unit could also be an element of design. Secure some jars to the wall with tool clips and fill them with some fresh herbs. Make sure to place a layer of gravel in the bottom of every jar and never over-water them.

Mount some bars
The most economical way to maximize storage space is by mounting some hanging bars. They’re even cheap enough that you can leave them in place as you move out. If your landlord does not favor this little revamp, get some metal pipe from a DIY store instead, and try fixing it on some hooks beneath a shelf or wall cabinet.

You could always put some flavour in your rented space without a massive renovation. Show your creativity by maximizing your space! For more tips and ideas, browse through our kitchen designs!