Mix and Match The Design Of Your Modern Kitchen

Matt black kitchen worktops - Designer Kitchens

Somehow, most home owners assume that in order to achieve a modern kitchen, everything should always look uniformed. Wherein the cupboards and other kitchen units should look identical so as to keep everything neat, minimal, and organized. That may be true for some, but the modern trend is constantly evolving, that’s why mix-and-matching diverse textures and colours n your kitchen are getting very popular.

Attaining this design feature can sometimes be complex for some people as they have always been accustomed to the norms of uniformity. Not to worry though, proper planning and lots of creative thinking is all you need to pull off this new look that will surely transform your kitchen space.

Below are some of the most stunning design inspirations that you could re-create:


The multi-purpose area
Combining sleek appliances with wood accents and matte materials is the key to achieving this elegant yet cosy look in your kitchen area. Integrating different elements such as books, fluffy throw pillows, and other kitchen accessories to make your working station a space where your whole family (and even your friends) can sit back and chat while you prepare the meal of the day.

It’s also ideal for families with school-age children as parents can help their kids with homework and/or projects while cooking dinner!


Always go for contrasting tones
If you plan on creating an entire wall full of storage space, think about all the possible designs you could do before purchasing for costly storage units. Opt for something that will stand out from the background. Go for contrasting textures, patterns, and tones that would look seamlessly modern in almost any kitchen setting, but always remember to keep everything balanced and not too cluttered.


Embrace the diversities
Why would you settle for plain and dull tones when you can go for diverse colours that would surely pop! The owner of this modern kitchen is superbly practical and definitely has impeccable taste for design. Different hues and textures harmoniously combined together in one room, creating a space that’s full of character and interest. It also features handle-less cabinets so as to keep that contemporary vibe.


Let the island stand out
Another fail-safe way of mix and matching colours is by opting for a kitchen island that would perfectly stand out from the crowd. Settle for a bold colour for the island while keeping the background as neutral and muted as possible in order for the colour to easily pop out. Don’ forget to add in some oversized branches for that overall effect.


The focal point
Make the most out of your space by utilizing the length of your walls as a stunning storage area that would also serve as the focal point of your kitchen. Incorporate some sleek white units with wooden textures and some other earthly elements to achieve the look of this simple yet utterly chic, modern kitchen.

Let your imagination and creativity flow! Be inspired with these cleverly styled contemporary spaces.