How To Mix-and-Match Your Kitchen Units

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There’s this unwritten rule in kitchen design wherein cabinets, and other kitchen units should always look identical in order to keep everything neat and orderly. However, in this day and age, mix and matching different colours as well as textures are getting very popular.

Creating this feature can be quite complicated for some as they have always been used to the norms of uniformity, but when done well, this new look will make your kitchen space a lot more modern and visually appealing.

Here are some stylish ways to achieve this trendy look!


Embrace the contrast
If you plan to make an entire wall into a storage area, think about all the possible designs you could do before shopping for kitchen storage units. Distinct patterns, textures and tones would look extremely modern in almost any kitchen setting, but always remember to keep everything balanced and not too overwhelming.


Reach the top
Maximize the length of your walls by creating a stunningly beautiful storage area that also doubles as the focal point to this posh kitchen space. Sleek white combined with wood textures and elements can turn out really great.


Focus on the Island
One fail-safe way of mix and matching colours is by picking out a kitchen island that wondrously stands out from the crowd. Choose a bold colour for the island while keeping the background as minimal and neutral as possible in order for the colour to pop out.


Assorted designs
Why settle with plain and dull tones when you can go all out! This designer kitchen is impeccably remarkable; merging different hues and textures that actually goes well altogether. It also features handle-less cupboards so as to maintain the contemporary kitchen vibe.


Comfy prep area
Combine sleek units with matte and raw materials to achieve this exquisite yet superbly cozy look in your kitchen.

Incorporate different elements such as fluffy pillows, books, and other kitchen accessories to make your working station a space where your whole family can sit back and relax while you prepare the meal.

Experiment with these clever styling ideas the next time you revamp your kitchen!