Modern and Stylish White Schemes for Your Kitchen

Glossy kitchen counter - Designer Kitchens

White can act as an elegant backdrop or even be the main piece of a room. Its versatility works well with almost everybody’s preference by styling it up or designing it down. A white kitchen will always be a classic sleek style that goes well with any size of working space; it can open up a room like no other color can, all while giving a dream-like vibe.

Continue reading through these styling ideas to help you plan your white kitchen scheme.

Stay simple yet glossy
Make use of plain white cabinets and cupboards for a small kitchen to increase the feeling of widened space. Utilize a sleek, ceiling-to-floor units and handle-free cabinets to maximize the area and prevent the room from feeling too cramped. To further broaden the look of your tiny kitchen, use the same materials for the elements and pieces of the room to achieve a clutter-free and modernized feel.

Match up with glass
The mixture of a glass windowpane with spotless white furnishings maximizes every last plunge of light and guarantees this scheme appears bright and fresh. Sunlight assists the body to awaken naturally, so what healthier way to begin the day than a meal in a sun-filled room. It may eventually save you some electricity.

Brighten up with LED
If your kitchen doesn’t have efficient lighting, try using LED lights instead of the traditional one to upgrade the look of your space. It’s a functional and stylish way to illuminate the room with your choice of color to change up temperature and mood. To give the room a splash of modern vibe, opt for tiny tucked-in halogens instead of pendant lights. This is ideal and practical for task lighting and food prep.

Go with bold color
A vibrant splash of color in a vast area of white backdrop adds a striking look on any room. Mounting smooth curves in an island unit and atop the ceiling can give a stylish touch to your kitchen as well. Incorporating a single color or maybe perhaps even a series of similar colors can add character and feel of an entire space.

Make use of wood
Opt for neutral colors to make your kitchen space look a lot cleaner. Wood can be utilized on this particular style to integrate an earthy touch, all while keeping the surrounding elements angular. This creates a sense of wide, contemporary kitchen area.

Solitary background
Keep your backdrop and other surrounding unit monochrome in order for a certain accent tone and color, to stand out against the rest of the elements on the room. Stronger tones are recommended if you want a certain piece to be easily noticeable by the eye.

Opt for the translucent
White units in a kitchen space can open up a tiny room, all while a series of transparent chairs maintain the sense of a casual, spacious, and well-ventilated area. Adding an oversize drooping lamp increases the character of a room, too.

White doesn’t mean boring if you add a sequence of eye-popping elements. Think outside the box when designing your space and give it a touch of your own style and personality.