Modern Designs For Small Kitchens

Modern kitchen design - Designer Kitchens

Just because you have a small kitchen, it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve its full potential. After all, why settle for a shabby space when you can transform it into a functional area with a bit of a modern twist.

Here are some well-made kitchen scheme ideas we’ve compiled that does not break the bank. Keep browsing and be inspired with these lovely designs!


Use every corner
No matter how small your area is, always get crafty and maximize every corner you see. Make the worktop multi-task as a breakfast bar by adding one level above and placing a couple of stools underneath.

Also, mount a blackboard that serves as a message board and a piece of artwork. Top it off with some pendant lights in different shapes to further enhance the mood of the entire space.


Brighten your space up
An all-white theme offers huge advantages in the kitchen. It helps to brighten up the space, while giving it a clean feel. Look for affordable and flawlessly white plain units, then boost up the look with white tiles and white open-shelving. Add a worktop with a contrasting colour to subtly elevate the scheme.


Re-use and transform a space
This small yet tall kitchen designed by a French architect was originally a plain closet, but the designers opted to install a towering grey lacquered wooden cupboard,an oven, and a sink to transform it into the 21st century. A library ladder was also added to give access to the high cabinets.


Integrate some luxury
One advantage of having a small kitchen area is that any materials that usually costs so much if used all over a large space, are now more affordable. Since you won’t need a lot of it, why not install a luxurious marble splashback to give your space a posh look. Team it up with some low-cost units to balance everything.


Sleek Scandinavian
Even the most basic space can seem full of personality when you carefully plan each piece that you put into it. Go for a sleek chrome pendant, magnetic knife holder, wooden dining set, and high-tech appliances just like this Scandinavian kitchen.

Designing a modern kitchen can be quite challenging, that is why extreme planning is crucial in order to achieve a space that’s both contemporary and economical.