Modern Kitchen Inspirations

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Deciding on what kitchen design to settle with is never an easy task. After all, it would take some years before you can do another revamp. There are a lot of choices to make especially with the different styles and materials to choose from nowadays, so if you don’t know what to prioritize, you’ll surely get off your track.

To help you determine which design to go for, we’ve assembled some of the most stunning modern kitchens that you could take inspiration from:


A classic twist
The neat design of this space makes it look light, airy, and a lot bigger. It allows people to focus more on the lush wood that accentuates the area, the accessories placed on each cabinet, as well as the vibrant plants from the view outside. Pristine white tiled walls, sleek floor-to-ceiling cabinet, and wide counters with a hint of wood carvings creates the ideal modern kitchen with a classic twist.


Multi-purpose Island
Formal dining rooms are sometimes hard to come by, so the owner of this home opted for a purpose-built island which can be used for food preparation, as well as for dining. The continuous look of this unit is truly a modern piece of art, especially the dark-toned wood accent. Glossy white units and handle-less cabinetry surrounding the area completes the look of a contemporary kitchen.


The Neutral Tones
Muted cupboards and cabinets which seams to blend within the whole interior is what makes a modern kitchen. Everything in this kitchen is on point and wondrously mixed together. It gives off a contemporary yet classic allure, creating a highly functional and minimalist looking area.


Minimalist Look
This kitchen fully utilized every nook and corner of the room. From the sleek island with integrated dining space, up to the floor-to-ceiling wall cabinets combined with high-end appliances; this room gorgeously mastered the modern minimalist vibe. The pop of dark tone also exhibits a luxuriant look and made the space look well-divided.


Dark and Cosy
Most modern kitchen tend to go with light colours for their aesthetic, but this kitchen stands out thanks to its dramatic yet cosy vibe. With its matt units that nearly camouflages the walls, the dark wood stools, the subtle gold accent, and the dash of vibrant green colours; the whole aspect of this space is perfectly dark, cosy, and romantic. The perfect place to relax and dine with your loved ones.

Modern kitchens can sometimes be costly but they really are worth the price. Get some inspirations with these designs for your next kitchen revamp!