Modern Kitchen Layout Guide [Infographic]

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A modern kitchen is not defined these days as purely for cooking purposes. It has evolved into a platform where family members, friends and guests can socialise. Therefore, modern-day kitchens have to add comfortable spaces and increase clearances.

That is why careful planning should go into creating a modern layout for your dream kitchen design, and the most important element in planning is the kitchen triangle. This imaginary straight line determines how easy it will be too move from the centre of the sink to centre of the cooktop to centre of the refrigerator and back to the centre of the sink. Additionally, the work triangle or “zones,” as others refer to it, will make cooking, eating and socialising in the kitchen easier for the family and guests.

Modern kitchen layouts include L-shape, U-shape, Gallery or Corridor, One-wall, G-shape, and the Island. The infographic below details the advantages and disadvantages of the modern-day kitchen layouts including tips on how to maximise the use of space for an efficient and functional home kitchen.


Modern Kitchen Layout Guide