Nifty Ways To Save Money On Your Kitchen

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Planning for new a kitchen space, or even just renovating your current one can really be expensive. Don’t worry though, if your kitchen area desperately needs an update but the cash is tight, there are numerous ways to save time and money.

Here are some budget-friendly ideas to help make your kitchen be fully functional without breaking the bank:


Incorporating wooden fronts
Solid wood cupboards are truly sophisticated and elegant-looking, but if you but don’t have the budget to purchase some, one alternative would be to buy cheaper carcasses from a normal DIY shop, then ask a joiner to create bespoke door fronts for you.

You can also get them done online, but sometimes the shipping fee will cost you more money than the actual product. The overall effect of this technique will undoubtedly look like a high-priced product, but without the huge price tag.


Go for laminated worktops
Laminate worktops sometimes get bad reviews, but in reality, they can definitely look exquisite and they’re much more low-priced than most worktops you can find in the market. Go for a simple colour palette such as white, or even earth brown to achieve a natural look.

The quality of laminate worktops has also come a long way in the recent years, with convincing versions of granite, wood and other elements to create a smart look that’s within a budget range.


Opt for a pegboard instead
With its utility-grade function and chic aesthetic, pegboards or perforated hardboard have made its name on most kitchens. This budget option shouldn’t be limited in craft rooms and garages for storing equipment, for it can work as a simple yet1 as well. You can purchase pegboard from your local hardware stores and even online.


Try out box-style shelving
Another way to save cash is opting for box-style shelves instead of buying expensive wall cabinets, like the ones in this kitchen. They imitate the shape of a cabinet, but without the expenditure of doors. The home owners of this kitchen have lined them on the wall for a continuous look.


Remove the wall cabinets
You don’t have to fill every inch of your kitchen walls with cupboards. Do you actually need tons of storage or would a couple of base units and some open shelves suffice for your storage needs?

If you don’t have tons of utensils and dish-wares, then reducing the number of cabinets is an easy way of saving space and money when renovating (or creating) a kitchen. A few well-positioned hooks and shelves can also give a feeling of space, and provide a place to create a cute display.

Learn from these nifty hacks when updating your kitchen. It will instantly upgrade the look of your space without having to spend a fortune!