Pastel Designs to Boost Your Cooking Space

Colourful kitchen design - Designer Kitchens

A lot of people certainly love pastel hues. Whether it be sweet pink, a stylish baby blue or even sherbet lemon; these hues are appealing to the eye.

It’s a definite mistake to keep them only for the bedroom or bathroom either, as these tones can convey so much character to a kitchen

Accessorize with retro pastels
Baby blue, peppermint green, and rosy pink are colours that will instill a sense of charm and liveliness into a bare white kitchen.

It is also a great way to work in pastels quickly and effortlessly. Simply choose bar stools, small appliances, storage tins and other kitchen accessories in a variety of pastel shades and let the retro love flood in.

Rose pink delight
A definite way to incorporate soft pink hues in a kitchen is through an effortless style of putting up subtle elements with this colour.

Stick to a backdrop of pure white and furnish it with vintage dining table set with chairs painted in the prettiest pink.

Choose baby blue
There’s nothing like the elegance of an icy-blue interior. For some, they find it too cold to apply this color in a kitchen; but actually, this pale tint presents a definite vintage class. Combine it with white metro tiles, bleached wood boards, and a matt white worktop for an ageless look that will never ran out of style.

Coloured seats
Classic dining chairs in a variety of pastel hues is precisely a good idea. The combination of pale whites and grey glass maybe sophisticated, but the blend of sky blue, sherbet lemon, and teal seats adds a cheery character to a certain room.

Experiment with pink
Grey and pale pink and is a classic colour mishmash that gives a playful and cool palette for any part space.

A simple dash of pastel pink on a glass splashback with a matching fridge could offer a pretty highlight against some dull white walls. Attach the look with an earthy hue of grey bar stools and hang some wall art that would complement the whole look of your kitchen.

Accent with a pastel
You definitely don’t need to be confused into an all-over pastel designs to realize the beauty of these shades in dining areas and in the kitchen.

If you’re a big fan of neutral colours, then try subtle details such as hanging an oversized metal pendant in pretty shade of pastels in a wooden-themed kitchen.

Combine texture and colour
Pastel shades can also be layered with vibrant hues just as with neutral backdrop, only with an added character.

Glossy kitchen units are already stylish and modern, but by incorporating it with an explosion of primary-coloured lights could definitely light up any room.

Even a tiny hint of pastel colour won’t fail to spice up your kitchen. Experiment on these ideas to give your kitchens some dash of colours!