Perfect Kitchen Designs For Entertaining Guests

Bright white, traditional kitchen design - Designer Kitchens

These guest-friendly kitchen layouts makes it easier for you to prepare dinner whilst entertaining your family and friends. After all, you don’t want to be left out on the conversation, right?

Find some ideas with these modern kitchen design inspiration that you and your friends would enjoy. Browse through these and incorporate your own touch of creativity to full achieve the style that you want.


Stunningly Black
Truth is, kitchens with dark-colour themes are not for everybody, but this home owner definitely knows how to rock the layout. The owner played with various elements and textures which allowed the space to have more depth. Casually placing a large greenery also added dimension and colour to this glamorously dark room. Remember to keep the background neat and light to balance things out.


Colours Of The Earth
Harmoniously merging the tones of nature definitely exudes unparalleled style and elegance that will never go out of style. May it be traditional or contemporary, the colour and texture combinations of muted tones allows any room to achieve a seamless layout. Let your space look simple and clean, as well as light and airy, yet full of textures and earthy details.


Perfect Size For Gatherings
If you’re the type of person who loves to house parties with friends, then this long kitchen island is the ideal piece for you. This particular island is big enough for people to gather around while the cook is preparing the dish. Some of your guests can even join in on the food preparations to boost the fun! The unit itself is made of stainless steel, designed to be robust and super easy to clean. You could also integrate a fabulous open shelving on one wall to display all the artistic pieces you’ve collected for that added modern vibe.


Cosy and Informal
Strategically place your kitchen space near large windows or (in this case) doors where there’s sufficient amount of natural light to flood the entire room. Place some bar stools along with a sleek island that also functions as both worktop surface and dining area to save a lot of essential space. Creating a stunning garden outside would also give your home a light and airy feel, plus the added natural benefits.


Spacious and Contemporary
This conveniently roomy kitchen is filled with light thanks to the massive windows that surrounds the room. The combination of handle-less cabinets, steel pendant lights, hugely functional island, and organized layout made this kitchen look minimalist and modern. It’s definitely an ideal space to house a party with your family and some guests.

Let your imagination and creativity fill your kitchen. May these modern kitchen design inspire your next renovation!