Polished Concrete Kitchen Doors

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Polished concrete kitchen doors offer a striking and contemporary alternative to traditional wooden doors. Very affordable, versatile and extremely strong and durable, concrete is becoming an increasingly popular material for use in the home.

Concrete doors, when combined with high ceilings and a large frame can really make a statement if you have the luxury of a large space to work with, especially if you choose a door with a greater thickness. However, that is not to say that they can’t work in more compact spaces. A thinner, lighter concrete door will fit perfectly into a smaller space, giving it a sleek and modern look.

Concrete grey has also seen a huge rise in popularity in the recent years for kitchens, with many people opting for grey doors for their kitchen units, grey stone worktops, grey floor tiles and fixtures. It is fast becoming one of the most predominant colours that we offer.

Concrete as a material has many benefits. It is a very low maintenance material, as with it being inert, compact and non-porous, it does not attract mould or lose its key properties over time. It also has an excellent thermal mass, slowing the passage of heat moving through, reducing temperature swings. This reduces energy needs from heating or air-conditioning, offering year-round energy savings over the lifetime of the building.