Practical Kitchen Island Ideas That You Will Love

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If you’re planning out a new kitchen setting for your new home or wanting to renovation a current one, you’ve almost certainly thought about installing a kitchen island.

This table-like structure of cupboards in the centre of the kitchen area can certainly guarantee a boost of storage, work space, and a flexible layout for your beloved appliances. After all, a kitchen island’s purpose is to enhance rather than obstruct the room’s functionality. That is why it’s so important to carefully evaluate your space before mounting one.

Here are some practical yet stylish kitchen island ideas that you will surely love.


Colour-block your way
A long kitchen island painted with a deep tone can fit seamlessly as a central seating. To further amp the look of this centre-piece, you could pick a chunky worktop made of Silestone to give it a smooth surface. If you can, install one with a discreet shadow line recess just beneath the worktop to conceal a modern LED lighting for night-light use.


The shaker chic
Revamp a classic Shaker-style kitchen island and make it look like a contemporary one by simply updating its colour, either with the softest tone of grey, or darkest of black. Place some polished handles and enhance its storage system to allow more space for your cutlery, wines, and other useful utensils.


Moveable kitchen island
Why not get (or make) a kitchen island that moves around the room for a nice touch of style? Remember to plan ahead for a concealed-type electrical socket in the floor that could ease the plugging task. Add some vented doors on the island design to allow air to travel around the vegetable drawers, and a stainless steel wheels to make it a strong and resilient piece.


Enhance the butcher’s block
A big chunk of wood worktop with open storage placed underneath it can definitely upgrade a conventional butcher’s block. The open storage provides extra space and functionality, as it allows easy access to supplies needed for daily use. If you ever want to assign a perfect place to store your vegetables, a slatted base is the ideal solution for that.


The space-saver
If your kitchen has smaller dimensions, a slimline island is the best way to go! It’s a guaranteed space saver and a stylish divider as well. Pick one that has a wide bar with solid top and a non-obtrusive column support on both ends to save maximum space. Place a couple (or three) of high seating chairs to complete the look.


Dual Purpose
Get an additional work space by simply extending the worktop beyond the footprint of the island. This easy yet useful improvement makes a great breakfast bar and it also boosts the prep area without sacrificing valuable floor space. It’s the perfect area for chat time with your family and friends!

Improve your home’s style and functionality with these simple yet practical kitchen island designs!