Practical Kitchen Storage Solutions

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Planning for an efficient storage in your kitchen area can really be a bit of a challenge. Whether you want to go for a modernized style, a concealed unit, or even open shelves; what creates most of our problems are the numerous utensils and bulky items that annoys us most.

Looking for a good place to store them away could be a little difficult for some home owners, so we’ve gathered some practical storage solutions to help ease your every day routine in the kitchen.


Utilize a Pegboard
Mount a pegboard right above the sink to keep all your ready-to-use utensils at hand. This particular design made us of hooks to store brushes and other necessities for cooking. Small wire baskets were also integrated to effortlessly hold sponges and soaps. Everything is neatly organized and out of the sink to make things look tidy.


Why not go for a bespoke shelving unit
Do you want to incorporate a storage unit that truly stands out? Here’s an idea: bespoke shelving. Organize all your cutlery, pots, and platters in such systematized fashion that they look more like decorations than actual kitchen wares. This adds a lot more interest in the area, and a functional focal piece as well.


Nifty storage under the stairs
This kitchen made the most use out of an awkward section of a wall under the stairs. Instead of hiding the shelving behind a usual cabinet, an open shelf provide lots of pantry-style storage for the dish wares. This design can also bring detail and depth even to a small-scale kitchen space.


The accessible pantry
Pantries are highly useful for concealing your pitchers, mixing bowls, dishes, and teapots. Remember to choose a design that utilizes every last inch of the unit. Also, it’s worth integrating a sliding solution for each level to easily access all the items.


Opt for pull-outs
Spacious drawers are usually the best answer to hiding away all your bulky pans, baking trays, and some other large tools that doesn’t seem to have enough space elsewhere. What’s more, a lot of kitchens are now designed with varied drawer options that make organization smoother and simpler.


Make use of a ladder
Tall rooms present opportunity for installing lots of storage units, stretching all the way up to the ceiling. Question is, how do you reach those topmost cupboards? This kitchen has the answer to that question. A wooden ladder on a rail makes all the high storage easily accessible, while looking pretty stylish too!

Kitchen storage units does not have to be dull and boring. Store your utensils with style with these awesome ideas!