Pros and Cons of High Gloss Kitchen Tiles

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For a contemporary décor, shiny high gloss kitchen tiles would look stunning, sophisticated and elegant. Imagine those European kitchen doors with smooth lacquer finish. They’re simply breathtaking.

Additionally, a glossy tile’s easy-to-clean nature makes them ideal for kitchens, splashbacks and bathrooms. Although glossy surfaces are practically easy to clean, abrasive dirt like sad needs to be removed and swept off to avoid scratching the surface.

But although these tiles are aesthetically pleasing, there are still factors to consider. This article presents the pros and cons of high gloss kitchen tiles.


Pros of high-gloss kitchen tiles

Visually, glossy tiles are very reflective and dramatic, especially in dark colours. Because of the polished surface, light reflects off the tiles.

They are ideal for small kitchen spaces because they can make it appear larger and brighter, especially if the tiles used are white. One of the major advantages of glossy tiles is that they’re easy to clean. You only need a soft cloth, warm water and mild liquid detergent to remove spills, smudge and other marks and wipe it dry.

They’re perfect if you’re going for a luxurious, modern high-end look for your kitchen. A number of homeowners opt for glossy tiles for their kitchen floors to add a luxurious feel and a modern touch to their kitchen.


Cons of high-gloss kitchen tiles

One of the major drawbacks of a glossy surface is that it easily makes spots, smears and other marks more visible compared with a matt finish. If there is a high volume of traffic in your kitchen, you might want to consider a matt finish if you don’t want to regularly mop the surface and remove any visible marks.

Another concern homeowners have noticed about glossy tiles is that they more slippery than matte ones, potentially leading to injuries. If this is a major concern for your household and if there are kids, opt for a matte finish for the kitchen flooring and use a high gloss finish for the backsplash. This way, you can achieve both beauty and practicality of both finishes.


Final thoughts

Like overall design decisions for your home, it still depends on your personal preference and the look that you want to achieve. If you have a small kitchen space and don’t mind the regular cleaning, then opt for high gloss kitchen tiles.

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