Recycled Decorative Items for Your Kitchen

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While some architectural reclaims can be quite expensive, you can find other pieces if you only know where to look. It just takes a bit of patience, time, and luck to find what you’re searching for.

When it comes to accessories and storage, you can frequently recycle things you already own!

Commercial salvage
For a useful island unit that could stand the test of time, an antique butcher’s block may be the ideal choice.

Paint the base of the unit with a slightly different tone to further highlight the well-used top. Look for some reclaimed items from restaurants, shops, and other commercial places.

Retrieve some stuff
Don’t automatically throw everything if you’re thinking of tearing down an old kitchen. Old pipework can be reused as brackets, while the bits of wood that have been lying around can be used for shelving. .

Display an old hamper
You can recycle an unused basket and use it for storing kitchen essentials, such as towels and cloths, or maybe even some appliances. Maybe even utilize it as storage for vegetables.

Authentic industrial lights
Hang some original factory pendant lights to give your modern space a styling edge.

Spray-paint them in any tone and colour if you want to go for a fresh new look, but you could also keep the tattered paint for an additional vintage vibe.

Be artistic with crates
Old fruit and wine crates are so handy for storage. They can be wall-mounted, freestanding, and stacked together to cover a whole wall.

Add hooks underneath or inside the crates to hang up some of your kitchen materials.

Keep those old jars and tins
Before you throw out all your jars and tins, just think about how they can be recycled. You can still use them to make equally good containers for various plants and herbs in the kitchen.

Create your own dining table
A dining table with great quality can be really expensive, but a recycled one would not cost a fortune.

Search yard sales for some old piece of bench, worktops or even a beautiful vintage door. Combine all your salvaged items and create your own unique table for much less than the cost of a new one.