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Rempp Kitchens

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Rempp kitchens improve the legacy of these exceptional German kitchen brand across the UK by collaborating closely with designers to produce the ultimate German kitchen experience.

Their contemporary state-of-the-art factory, in the center of the German kitchen manufacturing area, creates the utmost quality of contemporary kitchens. Working strongly with the UK kitchen showroom the German factory allows the Rempp UK team to gather and surpass the expectations of both the designer and the client.

A subject that is further emphasized by the Sales Director of Rempp UK, Alan Jackson, “When it comes to design the response is almost always yes, for the reason that with Rempp, a designer can freely express themselves and our factory will certainly back them up..”

The Rempp UK team functions under the supervision of Sales Director, Alan Jackson. His skills and experience is vital in making sure that the processes, maintenance and support offered to each kitchen showroom is supremely first class. This permits designers to prosper and become extra innovative and creative when engaging with a Rempp kitchen.

Rempp Product Information

Rempp kitchens are the product of years of skills and experience, constant development, meticulous choices of material, a soaring knowledge for excellent quality and contemporary manufacturing systems.
The fittings and materials they utilize all meet the significant requirement intended for kitchen furniture. They are consistently developing their products, for the reason that changes in designs and technology are unavoidable. All Rempp kitchens are being manufactured at Wildberg, Black Forest.

The carcase elements are made up of premium multi-layer boards. They are covered in melanin resin on both sides and are coloured white on the interior (also offered in diamond-graphite). The shelves and sides are all 19mm wide. Font edges of the carcase are fitted with 1.3 mm thick edges on all regular decors. Back panels are 8 mm thick laminated hardboard on both sides. They are set back in the carcase to assist air circulation. The carcase frames are layered on all four sides to keep them against moisture. On the other hand, the carcase is also available in solid core board beech-veneered.

The sturdy all-metal hinges are fixed with a quick-assemble clip and a self-closing feature. The doors are changeable in three different dimensions. The opening angle of the doors is 110° but it’s also obtainable at 155 ° for an extra charge. All hinges are distributed with an incorporated invisible cushioning.

Stylish, premium hollow framework, rounded to the exterior, with wiping edge on the interior, and lacquered surface in diamond-graphite.
The drawers are controlled synchronously with smooth-running full pull-out, with “Airmatic” pneumatic cushioning and Softmatic” self closure. Well-built support and back in identical coated chipboard. These are also able to pull-out up to 60 cm wide and can carry up to 40 kg. Handle-less front with eccentric screw for effortless adjustments. Drawers with glass side skirts (also available in diamond-graphite), diagonal rail, cutlery inserts, and non-slip mats. Other available side-skirts also come in core ash and walnut for extra charge.

The regular handles on their kitchens can be supplemented to any of the available models. Some handles do though come with extra charges. Bow handles are constantly attached vertically to doors, and horizontally to drawers as well as for pull-outs.

The units are all placed on sturdy, height-adjustable plastic plinth feet; adjustments are +19 mm, -12 mm. The height also ranges from 6 to 20 cm. Plinth panels in the regular décors are fixed with waterproof glued plastic seal. The maximum length is 420 cm and the material is 13 mm thick. Maximum length for lacquered or veneered plinths ranges from 210-250 cm. The panels are then clipped into the plinth feet, and 90° corner solutions are attached with aluminum corner outlines.

The worktops are obtainable in various edging and décor editions. The depth of their panels is 60-120 cm. The available worktop thickness ranges from 14 up to 79 mm. Surface edges comes with laminated edging as standard. The base of the worktop is laminated to keep it against distortion and moisture. Worktops can be produced with different edges as well. The joints have to be glued with waterproof material, not silicon.

Laminate Fronts
Their laminated fronts are 18-20 mm thick; with all four-sides coated in melamine resin. The horizontal edges are glued with thick edges; surfaces are coloured and wear resistant, as well as resistance to short incidences of hot moisture and to the common household acids and lyes.

Wooden Fronts
They specifically utilize first class wood for their wooden fronts. Thickness material is 19-21 mm. Different exteriors and surfaces are treated accordingly depending on a particular design; they are then sealed with natural oil or a water-repellant dual-component lacquer.
The matt exterior looks very similar to a natural wood; it is highly resistant, sturdy, and easy to maintain. The silk gloss lacquer finish produces a vivid and glossy look.
The natural oil seal they utilize is water-resistant oil-based coating. This specific surface treatment improves the natural exquisiteness of the wood; however, this method should be repeated from time-to-time to guarantee the lasting protection of the surface.

Lacquered Fronts
Fireboard panels or MDF are utilized as the carrier materials. The thickness of the material is 19-22 cm. Several coats of lacquer are completed to create a sturdy surface. Lacquered fronts can be produced in NCS or RAL colours. Model surfaces are also available in high gloss lacquer, lacquer with structure finish, and in matt lacquer.

Front Mix
If different front designs of the same price group are joint in one unit, then the unit will be calculated using the next highest price group.
If different front designs from two separate price group are united in one unit, then the price will be calculated by means of the higher price group.

Carcase without front / Carcase with customer’s front
If carcases are to be made without fronts then 10% will be subtracted from the calculation base price group 0. This price group 0 is calculated for carcases with fronts sent to Rempp Küchen by the client and which are fixed in by Rempp Küchen. The company is not liable for any damages coming from customer-provided fronts.

Cleaning and care
Their furniture surfaces are appropriate for standard household use, though oiled surfaces or velvet matt need a little more care. Recommended method for cleaning is by using a soft cloth drenched in warm water and a little neutral soap or washing-up liquid, then rinse with clear water. Do not soak the units upon cleaning; squeeze the cloth well.
The following items are not appropriate for cleaning furniture: microfiber cloth, steam cleaners, detergents containing solvents or alcohol and rough products. Cleaning products are available at Rempp Küchen for safe use.

Very important
Steaming kettles and coffee machines are not to be used under wall units. Do not open dishwashers until the end of the cool-down phase, or else the escaping steam could damage fronts and worktops. Make certain that no water is left on the corner connection, because moisture can cause worktops and corner connection to swell up.
The maximum heat produced by a fitted cooker should not go beyond 70°c to avoid damaging the fronts.

Besides the statutory 2-year warranty, Rempp Küchen extends the warranty for defects concerning functionality and processing of all kitchen furniture components manufactured by Rempp Küchen for an additional 3 years; which totals to 5 years.
This warranty does not cover sinks, bread slicers, electrical appliances, lights, and any other merchandise.
Please note that the warranty will not be extended for a total of 5 years if defects are
a)    Due to the effect of steam, water or heat caused by inappropriate treatment
b)    Due to inappropriate of faulty transportation, storage or assembly
c)    Due to natural prosperities or characteristics of wood

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Designer Kitchens have just finished fitting us a lovely kitchen. They impressed us at all stages of the process. We had some ideas about what we wanted but they were able to think outside the box and come up with ideas which no – one else did

– Jerry & Diane

Excellent service and super product.


-Mr & Mrs Craig

Elle’s advice throughout was most helpful & very professional. Her attention to detail was particularly impressive



-Sue & Sarah

I cannot thank the team at Designer Kitchens enough. To highlight Elaina in particular is easy to do. Her passion and attention to detail is refreshing and we are delighted we put our trust in her to design and fit our dream kitchen. Thank you!!!!


-Nick & Maria

Very happy with service for Elle – any mishaps were dealt with very professionally and quickly. Would always recommend to friends for future.

-Mr & Mrs Solomou


They Designed the Kitchen for our new build home, very happy with it and even when I have silly questions about the ovens a year later they are still helping me, can’t recommend enough!