Seamlessly Place a Microwave into Your Kitchen Space

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Though microwaves are getting neater and smaller, deciding where to place one in your kitchen isn’t always that simple.

This specific appliance should be accessible and fit seamlessly into your kitchen design.

Check out these ingenious ways to subtly place one into your space!

Arrange them horizontally
Mounting your microwave along with your steamer, oven, coffee machine and other practical appliances makes it easier to move from one machine to another.

You could effortlessly bake one dish while placing another on the microwave. This could save a lot of time and effort on your part.

Stack them vertically
Assembling your cooking appliances on top of each other can maximize the available worktop space. Placing them in a single tower means there’s adequate area for food preparation and serving.

Hide them in a pantry
Pantries are back in trend and a lot of kitchen designers are utilizing them to hide away small kitchen appliances, such as coffee machines, microwaves, and toasters.

This technique is great if you’re after a minimalist style. Just be sure not to close the doors when the appliances are still in use for safety precautions. Close them when you’ve finished, so your kitchen would look neat.

Go for for a camouflaged look
Various ovens, as well as microwaves, are now available in multiple finishes and colours.

Keep your oven cleverly hidden among a wall of white units, and a matching microwave that would effortlessly be integrated underneath it.

Place them underneath the worktop
Placing a microwave within a base unit would keep the walls free of storage units.

If you put all your appliances on this level, blend them into the wall and fit smooth handle-less base units to help make the cabinets appear more like a furniture than a traditional kitchen.

Conceal it up high
You don’t necessarily have to place your microwave at an eye-level. You can skillfully conceal it within a unit high up on the wall.

Also ensure that there’s sufficient ventilation around the appliance, and use the machine only when the doors are open.

Shelve it
Add your microwave into a shelf unit if you desire the casualness of open shelves. This method is best suited for taller cooks, but it definitely keeps the worktops clear and neat.

Microwaves are necessary for any kitchen setting, but are not always easy to integrate. Try using these tips to help you organize your appliances even more!