Simple Hacks to Achieve a Spacious Worktop

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Unclutter your kitchen worktops in order for them to fulfill their sole purpose; to provide sufficient space on which to prepare food. Yet all too often, they become untidy and crowded out with a bunch of random things, from pots to bread baskets and knife blocks.

Consider these clever techniques to get rid of the most common worktop clutter; whether by freeing up some space in a cupboard or by creating your own alternative storage method.

Hang them up
Cloths and brushes tend to create a mess when placed on the worktop.

Why not suspend them instead with simple hooks, large enough to hold them all. Fit the hooks proportionally into a wall for an added minimalist look. For your sponges and wash gloves, find an appropriate basket that could be hanged on the wall.

Stack them on high
Storage jars can definitely hold essential items, ranging from kitchen ingredients to your favourite tea, but these jars can quickly take over a worktop and use up a lot of space.

Why not try fitting some open shelves to tidy them up instead! Position them on top of another to create a well-organized stack rather than utilizing too much wall space.

Separate storage
Find another storage space for your fruits, vegetables, and other cooking ingredients.

We are used to keeping most of them in baskets inside a kitchen cupboard, but hanging them on the wall can do wonders as well. Attach and secure some fruit baskets on one free wall to keep them neatly organized.

When done well, this method can offer an added style and creativity boost to your kitchen space!

Build an elevated space
Photos, art works and other stuff your kids have created can give so much personality when placed in the kitchen.

However, keeping it from crowding the space can be quite tricky when you have way too much. Incorporating a tiny shelf to put them on display can be the ultimate solution! Just remember to keep them elevated as to free up more space.

The knife block
This kitchen item can be difficult to display for it is quite bulky.

Although, using some magnetic strips to store your knives on the wall can be the answer to your dilemma. Simple magnetic strips are one magnificent way to keep the blades off the worktop, or you could try a hanging block, fitted into a rail for an utmost contemporary style.

Random kitchen items can be messy when not organized properly. Use these simple hacks to free up lots of space!