Simple Improvements for a More Stylish Kitchen

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Furnish your kitchen with simple yet classy makeover using these easy tricks!

By just putting new lighting, adding a coat of paint, and putting up carefully chosen ornaments can transform your existing kitchen to be a lot more stylish.

Pattern it out
Draping the windows with chic curtains can definitely change the whole look of your kitchen. Go with the patterned and coloured ones that would harmonize with your wall and cabinet.

Hanging lights
Exchanging a simple ceiling light for something more stylish can be easily done. The new pendant light can also turn out to be the center piece of the room if you choose wisely.

Never be frightened to go big; even a small kitchen with a huge pendant light can look extremely striking, and not overwhelming.

Cabinets with colours
Painted cabinets in neutral tones and bold colours are an inexpensive way to modify the appearance of your kitchen. Try a saturated hue or a chic dark tone on just the lower part of the cabinets.

Painted wall
If you don’t wish to repaint your cabinets, one more way to put some colour is by painting the walls. Kitchen wall space is frequently limited which means it’s quicker to paint and the colour will be less likely to overwhelm the whole feel of the room.

Chic bar stools
A lot of island stool options are now readily available, so there’s no reason to still go for plain designs, unless you deliberately want to. Try using sculptural wooden stools, or even some classic bistro stools ones.

Glass cabinets
Revamp some old cabinets by replacing doors with glass fronts. This would cost you far less than buying new cabinets, and it can also change the entire look of your kitchen. Just remember that whatever you put in your new glass-front cabinets will be seen at all times, so only show items worth displaying and keep the interiors in order.

Modish rugs
If you’ve rejected the thought of using a rug in the kitchen for the horror of spilling and staining it, then try a modish indoor-outdoor rug. These rugs come in stunning patterns and colours nowadays with the ability to fight the stain away.

Branches in tall vases
You know what lasts longer than cut flower? Branches. These last far longer and they convey pure elegance. A bunch of seasonal branches placed in a tall vase is an effortless way to instantly enhance the ambiance in your kitchen.

Decorative details
Framed artworks and not just ‘kitchen’ art on the walls could be easily placed in the room while adding character and culture to any kitchen.

Even subtle changes can present elegance to any kitchen theme.