Simple Hacks to Upgrade Your Kitchen Space

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If your kitchen is looking a little dull but you can’t afford for a total renovation, there are still a lot of attainable updates that offer a big impact for a small amount of time and money.

Remember to think about the changes you want to do, and allow time for anything you’ve ordered to arrive. Clear up the space and prepare the necessary tools as well.

Here are some of the simple hacks that could positively upgrade any kitchen!

Replace the cupboard doors
Most cabinets could stand the test of time, but the doors might already look outdated.

Replacing it with new fronts is an easy upgrade that can significantly boost the look of the entire kitchen. Countless companies manufacture bespoke doors to perfectly fit you’re your existing cabinet boxes. Prices start from around £55 for a primed and painted hardwood, Shaker-style door.

Upgrade the colour
If you’re already bored with your cabinet’s natural hue, painting them with a fresh colour can quickly transform it into looking new.

Remember to aim for a consistent and organized scheme by sticking to a certain palette of two or three tones. If the room colour is neutral, paint the units with a stronger tone to offer up a counterpoint.

Change your splashback
For a quick kitchen update, consider fitting up a brand new splashback. Try the large glass panels for they are much faster to fit than traditional tiles. They’re also available in wide varieties of patterns and colours to work with any kitchen theme.

Coloured Frame
Painting your window frames with a bold colour can make them a main part of your overall kitchen design. Grey, black, and navy tones present an industrial look to modern kitchens, while pale green offers a cozy charm to a traditional, cottage setting.

Open up the storage
Wall cabinets can sometimes make smaller kitchens look and feel cramped.

While in bigger spaces, it could give an undesirable locker-room effect. Getting rid of the upper cabinets can instantly transform any kitchen. Open shelving is always a practical and stylish way to exhibit your well-loved items.

Expose the brickwork
If you’re not too bothered with some dust and exhausting renovating work, try removing the plaster on a small area of your kitchen to expose the bare bricks.

It may be hard work, but it can definitely bring a whole new character to a plain room. The newly exposed bricks will then need to be cleaned and sealed to avoid debris and dust from coming loose.

Renovating the kitchen can be a real pain, but even the simplest hacks can boost up its style!