Simple Steps to Master an Industrial Schemed Kitchen

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Want to go for an industrial style, but not quite certain where to begin? These simple ways will help you achieve the look you’re looking for.

Distressed finishes and rough textures are popular right now, with a lot of us disregarding the polished look for something a little more urban and rough.

Instead of making a sleek and monochrome look on your space, why not mix vintage chairs, raw metal materials, retro lighting and reused wooden furniture to give it a little twist!

Integrate the main materials
The definitive trio of supplies for an industrial interior are wood, metal, and brick. A diner-style kitchen can mix all three materials to add striking effect to any space.

Use black frames
Window frames in dark tones can add a certain roughness to a room. If you have the alternative of adding large windows along your diner area, then consider a metal black design for a traditional warehouse kind of feel.

Bare it all
Revamp your diner walls with bricks for an ultimate urban vibe. To split the deep earthly colour of the space, go for colourful kitchen accessories and fabrics.

A little luxury
Combine steel with wood, and add a dash of sparkle by mounting a fabulous chandelier as a centerpiece. This will give an appealing rough scheme with a little sparkle on the top. Stick to one dramatic piece among simple surfaces for utmost impact.

Cozy it up
Put together an industrial kitchen that’s also cozy by using softer elements. Woven fabrics, shelves of colourful ceramic objects, and boarded walls can soften up the edginess of the metal pieces for a more relaxed mood.

Utilize the light
If you want to go for a brick finish, pick a wall that catches lots of sunshine for a stunning feature in a plain room. The shadows on the wall emitted by the light will create a warehouse feeling as well.

Soft features
A pastel coloured wall will provide a balance to an industrial room, equalizing fittings and furniture. You could go for a soft green pastel with industrial styled pendant lights and some wood table.

Balance it out
Metal, bricks, and wood don’t always have to be rough. If you want to integrate a softer take on the trend, go for some smooth brick-shaped tiles, brushed metal surfaces, and refined wood.

Do not settle for a dull and plain looking space. Test out these simple ways to elegantly revamp your kitchen into a contemporary one!.