Simple Ways to Stylishly Transform Your Small Kitchen

Kitchen design for a smaller kitchen space - Designer Kitchens

When you’ve got to work with a small kitchen space, you tend to spend a lot of energy, time, and money trying to make more space and spending in expensive storage units that we sometimes forget the simplest solution; adding a bit of our own creativity in it.

Be inspired with the tips below and make your kitchen soar with style!

The Wow Factor
One of the benefits of having a tiny kitchen is that you can almost certainly splurge a little more cash on some materials, as you will only need a few of them. To generate a ‘wow factor’ in the room, it’s best to focus on the largest exteriors of your kitchen, such as with worktops or splashback. Choose a statement design that screams modernly stylish.

Bring in Plants and Flowers
This has got to be the simplest and quickest enhancement anyone could do to any room. You have plenty of varieties to choose form, such as the striking foliage, attractively scented flowers, and even perhaps some fresh herbs. A little dash of green can instantly add interest, personality, and colour.

Place a Stunning Rug
A rug in the kitchen, you may say? This idea has always been a little too controversial.

Stop trying to think of all the negative feedbacks from other people who may have hated this idea; if you want to try it, why not go for it! Rugs can create a practical and wonderful space as they make the room go vibrant with their gorgeous designs.

Hang Some Art
When your surfaces are all occupied with kitchen utensils, suspend the kitchen accessories instead.

Use the bare walls to personalize your space by hanging some art piece that you love. It could be anything from maps, vintage posters or funky prints, places you love, and even photos of loved ones. It doesn’t always have to be kitchen-related.

Replace The Old Knobs and Handles
Have you been dreaming of spicing up your dollhouse-sized kitchen, yet still on a very tight budget? Replacing the hardware is the perfect option for you!

Any kitchen, may it be big or small, could profit from such changes. For an even larger range of affordable models, check the websites eBay and Etsy, for they have such beautiful collections. DIY blogs are also a great resource for teaching you how to make easy yet trendy handles and knobs out of leather or ceramic.

Open Up the Storage
A clutter-free and flawlessly styled open-shelving can be extremely tough to create and maintain.

Such storage is an ideal option for small kitchens. It opens up the space a lot, making it look airier and larger at the same time. It also allows you to place your appliances off the worktop, so you could have a wider space to store and display your favourite china, cookbooks, and other kitchen accessories that you want to show off.

Maximize the style of your small kitchen by following these simple and ultra-easy ideas!