Soften Up an Industrial Styled Kitchen

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Stainless steel worktops and metallic shelves; there’s no doubt that the modern kitchen trends are now accompanied with heavy hint of factory feel.

For most of us though, the kitchen still needs to be a welcoming space for our family to get together. Those industrial designs tend to emit a harsh vibe in the whole space, which could make it less comfy.

Here are ways to soften up the harshness of an industrial-styled kitchen; guaranteed to let you stay on-trend, without feeling like going a shift at a factory.

Vintage pieces
Zinc and galvanized metal blend well; it’s stylish yet functional still. Don’t be afraid to combine elements and pieces, such as adding vintage units for your storage. All things vintage tend to create a homey feel to any room.

Accessorize all areas
Open shelving combined with white metro tiles can be a little to clinical, so mix up your scheme a little bit by placing decorative glassware, canisters, and ceramics in hues that could blend well.

Soft pastel
Stainless steel hood, metal range cooker, and industrialized lights could feel a bit harsh when mixed together in one room. Break them up by incorporating a natural shade of your choice on the walls. Soft pastel can highlight the subtle gloss of metal and steel for a brighter and lighter look.

Use recycled wood
Fuse some overhauled industrial stools, open shelving and chrome taps with a gentler element of old wood. Timber planks can accentuate an eco-friendly side of any rugged, industrialized kitchen.

Rustic look
An industrial-style kitchen can be also be a useful choice for any rural home, but you don’t have to hide all your country heritage. Add lime-washed walls with your reclaimed bar stools and lights; you’ll be surprised how harmonized it would look.

Add some fascinating angles
Make your kitchen feel vibrant and fresh by laying the island cladding and tiles on diagonal grids. Let the unusual angles be the star of the room along with all your units.

Soft furniture
Contrast industrial elements with soft-coloured furnishings in an open-plan space. Display faded floral fabric on sofas to help tone down the roughness of your factory-style lightings and other units.

Balance is the key to everything. Keep the toughness in moderate level and show off some soft spot in your kitchen space.