Space-Saving Kitchen Designs

Black high gloss kitchen

Everyone wants to have a kitchen space that’s fully functional while still being stylish. Still, having enough room to move around and to fit everything in your own kitchen, no matter how big or small that might be, is the ultimate end goal.

If you’re looking for some space-saving ideas, have a look at these functional kitchen designs that you don’t want to miss:


The dark appeal
This kitchen has a dark, modern appeal that leans toward an industrial look enhanced by metallic elements, rich coloured woods, and towering cabinets. Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry makes it harder for people to reach the top shelves, which is why the home owners opted to incorporate a ladder for easy access.


Compact space
Spread across 30 square meters, this particular apartment was designed to accommodate the needs of a young couple while fully maximizing every nook and cranny of this compact home. Much as in the case of any other small space, smart planning and wise organizational skills are key to making it work. Wall divisions were also taken down to create one large, open area where the living space and the small kitchen meets.


The urban living
Here is a small, beautiful home that steals the spotlight with its space-saving design solutions and contemporary style with lots of natural lighting. This stylish apartment was recently renovated and remodeled to suit the lifestyle of the modern, urban owner. Since there is no room to waste here, an open-plan space ensures that every inch is put to use; complete with a fully functional kitchen and a mini dining area.


Reclaimed wood pieces
Integrating reclaimed wood to the kitchen is all about determining what works best in your home. For some, reclaimed timber could jazz up their kitchen counters, while others may opt for wood flooring or open-shelving as well. But really, it all depends on your own style. This kitchen simply integrated some reclaimed wood to their existing kitchen island to boost its charm, and the wooden cabinets were painted soft grey for an elegant touch.


Incorporate some metallic
The more neutral the look of your home has, the greater will be the demand for finishes and accents that add layers of character and style. Lately, bold metallic accents quickly became the ‘hottest trend’ in the world of décor and design, especially in the kitchen area. This particular kitchen opted for an all-white theme while incorporating a luxe metallic backsplash that looks really exquisite. It definitely enhanced the minimalist look of this compact space.

Which of these space-saving ideas would you like to try out? Explore our blog to find more design you can experiment on.