Splashback Design Ideas for Your Acrylic Worktops

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With the vast range of thickness and colour selections, acrylic worktops enable themselves to be a host to different splashback designs and materials.

Corian and Hi-Macs are recognized for their durable and hygienic qualities. They are just some of the leading brand names when it comes to acrylic worktops.

If you’re wondering what kind of splashback may work best with your acrylic worktop, here are some design inspiration that could definitely fit your style and personality.

Bare it all
Sleek white units and smooth acrylic worktop offers a contrasting beauty when combined with sealed natural brick. The distinct texture of the elements will surely emit a striking contemporary vibe.

Match it up with Corian
Corian is an extremely flexible and hard-wearing material.

It can be moulded into draining boards, sinks, and even shaped into splashback made to produce a striking, streamlined finish. If you want to lessen your costs, you could always go for a low upstand, which rises just about a hand’s width on the wall.

Retro feel
Acrylics may be considered as a modern material for worktops, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a little bit of retro twist. Mount some warm-coloured metro tiles and top it off with a contrasting grout to emphasize the brick formation that’s layering the wall behind the sink.

Pale tones
If you want a cozy kitchen that radiates discreet luxury, blend light-toned acrylic worktops with matching plain and pale tiles.

You could go with white Corian worktops in conjunction with Shaker-style units, sitting against a background of smooth white metro tiles. This combination can create a stunning textural contrast.

The window as your splashback
What better way to maximize a wonderful window view than by turning it into your very own splashback? This certain design idea is ideal for contemporary homes, but it could also be applicable to just about every kitchen scheme with a great outdoor view.

Coloured lighting
Create a contemporary effect in your kitchen space by teaming up dark tiles with thin, neutral-coloured acrylic surface. Fit a couple of LED lights to create colourful shadows and to boost up the entire look. You could also choose lighting that could switch to different colour options to produce different moods!

Unique design
The state-of-the-art digital printing processes that we have nowadays can make it superbly possible and easy for almost anything to be printed into a splashback.

You could even make a vibrant piece of artwork be printed onto a piece of glass! Combine it with sleek white units and minimal white worktops to make the splashback be the center of attention.

There are infinite design possibilities when working with acrylic worktop. Take some of these ideas into mind the next time you re-create the heart of your home.