Storage Hacks to Maximize Your Kitchen Space

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As one of the most-used rooms in the house, kitchens are bound to accommodate countless variety of ‘stuff’.

From pans, china wares, utensils, to the food we consume and the appliances we use; all but the largest kitchens are under pressure.

It’s time to get resourceful and creative with storage ideas that won’t cost you a lot of money, but could still maximize the storage on your kitchen space.

Shaker solution
A Shaker-style spike rail can work gorgeously in a kitchen, particularly in narrow alley space to put up cupboards on both sides. Hang up additional shelves, aprons, tea towels and just about anything you can think of.

Empty spaces
We usually put up cabinets and shelves on our kitchen walls, but tend to overlook the space above the door. Mounting a storage space above the door is an economical substitute than buying new wall-length shelves.

Use the corners
Make use of the dead space at the side of a cupboard by using it for added storage. Add hooks or rails for hanging dishtowels or even use it for storing large items such as chopping boards. Merely attach some cord to make a simple loop then hang them from durable hooks.

Utilize the windows
If your wall space is already overflowing with racks and shelves, then why not use the windows as well. Mounting a couple of rails through it, with some hooks to use for hanging kitchen utensils, will make a great amount of extra storage.

This material is both extremely inexpensive and versatile. Fix it with simple cup hooks to store utensils, pans, or even small baskets. You can also paint with hues that would blend well with your kitchen walls for utmost style.

Nail it
If mounting a hanging rail is too difficult, try an easier method and solely hammering a few nails into your kitchen walls. You can now display anything with a hole in it, from pans to wooden spoons and even your chopping board.

Try rails, hooks, and clear jars
Using rails suspended with caddies and S hooks is already a familiar method, but it can really pull off as a durable built-in storage, giving a place to hang utensils, cups, and store spices.

Make a DIY spice storage
What takes up huge amount of space in cupboards are mostly spice jars, because we usually have so many. They are not really that heavy or large, so consider other ways to store them by merely nailing or gluing the lids of screw-top jars underneath your kitchen cabinet. Now you can neatly store spices and avoid cluttering them in a drawer.

Storage space is one of the main concerns in every household, so why not try these clever ideas and solutions to fit lots of storage space to your kitchen!