Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens

Kitchen design for a smaller kitchen space - Designer Kitchens

Even the smallest of kitchen areas need to go big when combining function and stylish design. No matter how tiny or inconveniently shaped your space is, there are a lot of design hacks you can easily utilize in order to make the most out of your compact kitchen area.

Let these storage ideas inspire you to upgrade the function and style of your minuscule kitchen:


Every space matters
One clever way of adding in more storage into any small kitchen is to mount either cabinets or open shelves high up the wall. To incorporate a bit of modern vibe into the room, simply place a seating area that could also double up as a drawer. Throw in a fluffy throw pillow and you got yourself a cosy nook.


The open storage display
Integrate a built-in open shelving unit along an unused area in your kitchen for that added design and storage space. Place some vibrantly coloured cutlery or neutral toned dish wares, as well as some functional kitchen accessories to upgrade your simple kitchen wares into a stylish display.


All in one place
Baskets, chopping boards, cloths, and long kitchen utensils tend to occupy a lot of space when you try to squeeze them altogether on the counter. The solution? Try hanging them on the wall with the use of simple hooks. Be sure to mount something that would be large and sturdy enough to hold them all. Fit the hooks proportionately into the wall, and try to place neutral coloured items to keep things neat and minimalist looking.


DIY shelving unit
A well designed storage space is much more capable of storing goods and supplies, but they don’t always have to be expensive and over-the-top. In fact, you can even do them yourself! Recycle some unused steel bars, containers, bottles, and wood scraps– and turn them into a functional storage like this one! It can be used to store daily ingredients and it keeps everything organized.


Integrate some colour
A dash of vibrant colours on your splashback and flooring may be the best choice when you want to add some character and interest into your small kitchen space. After all, your area might be small but it can still have some appeal. Vibrant shades can really stand out against white units so choose the colours that can easily give life to the space.

Get the most out of your small kitchen space with these clever storage ideas!