Stunning Design Ideas For Your Small Kitchen

Kitchen design for a smaller kitchen space - Designer Kitchens

Usually called as the centre of the home, the kitchen is the only place where everyone gathers around and share some bonding moments together. However, when the space is quite limited, some home owners tend to neglect its purpose.

After all, it takes proper planning and careful designing to create a visually appealing and fully functional kitchen area. Listed below are some of the ways which could help you achieve the full potential of your small kitchen!


Proper positioning
The over all feel of this area exudes an old farmhouse kitchen with a hint of modern design and technology.

The wood floors of the kitchen extends out into the outer deck and through the glass doors, making an illusion of a much larger space. The similarly practical method of upgrading storage is by mounting open shelving, creating more space for your valued cutlery.


Go for a kitchen galley
This kitchen’s white and beige palette is strikingly accented by the natural light that hits through the tall windows of the adjoining breakfast room. The owners of this home opted for shaker-style cabinetry, so as to provide continuity alongside this room’s slender space.


Tiny kitchen islands
This small island unit serves as both cutlery storage and additional prep area. An island this small will work perfectly in almost any space, no matter how small for it would surely fit within the room. Another great feature this unit presents is its movability, letting you position it from one place to another.


Suspended Pans
A small island like this is stylishly practical as it won’t take too much space, just as well as with the pans and other utensils that are cleverly suspended within reach. By doing such, food preparation will become so much easier. It also serves as a wonderful focal point of the entire area.


Urban Chic
This kitchen’s luxurious textures and dazzling accents make the whole room look and feel sufficiently large. A striking centre island was cleverly placed to also serve as the divider, allowing enough room for cooking and dining. Towering windows enable lots of natural light to flow through the room.


The Dish-wares
Exhibiting your lovely cutlery definitely adds an edgy style into the room. By fixing up some sturdy open shelving enough to hold the weight of all the things you intend to place there, you can surely maximize their purpose into something more than just mere utensils. You can also put up bits of accessories such as ceramic displays, and even some foliage to give it a bit of colour and life.

Try out these stunning design ideas and make the most out of your small kitchen space!