Stunning Kitchen Galley Layouts For Your Home

Kitchen design for a smaller kitchen space - Designer Kitchens

The kitchen is one of the busiest areas in our home.

But what happens if your cooking space looks more corridor than a splendid social hub? Don’t worry though, for there are loads of tricks and ideas to make your galley space look stylishly gorgeous.

Go for monochrome
Most of the time, the simplest schemes work best when your space is quite limited.

Let your galley illustrate a sophisticated combination of black and white, with a dash of other earth tones in order to create an organized masterpiece.

Add a bit of pastels
Fill your kitchen with wooden surfaces, white units, with a tiny bit of pastels.

This design works perfectly well in small kitchens, creating a neutral backdrop. Top it all off with some pastel accessories and china to lift the design scheme from dull to sweet and interesting.

Shelve it
Finding a good storage spot in small galley kitchens could be tricky.

Wall units can take up too much space and make it feel even smaller, so don’t think for a second that fitting cabinets on every square inch of wall is a great idea. Try using open shelves instead, and mount them up to the ceiling. Placing some gorgeous cast metal brackets can boost the style even more.

Dabble with something dark
Plain and bare white units might seem like the ideal choice for a galley kitchen for they make clean lines, boosts the light levels, and they make the space appear larger as well. Try painting a dark hue on one wall too, so as to add depth and warmth in the entire area.

Hang some oversized lighting
This is an easy and rather ingenious way to inject an illusion of a bigger space though your kitchen is really quite small.

Oversized lighting draws attention to the ceiling and helps break up the whole view of the space. A couple of big dangling lights can soften the feel of the room, while glossy tiles and reflective cabinets help bounce light around.

Feature flooring
Any feature design that draws the eye away from the cramped runway proportions will help create your kitchen feel bigger. Bold and ornate tiles can sometimes do the trick for it generates a strong and striking pattern.

Your galley may be small but it does not have to lack in style and design. Apply these ideas and transform your kitchen space now!